Pokémon Anime Daily Sun and Moon Episode 26 Summary/Review

Come read about episode 27 of the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime and see if Sophocles stays or goes!

This week, the Sun and Moon anime gave us an episode focused on Sophocles! The episode Farewell Sophocles!? has Sophocles overhear that his family is moving, and him telling the rest of the trainer school about this.

The episode opens with Sophocles showing Togedemaru a computer program he made that shows off its different facial expressions. He then goes downstairs and hears his parents talking about the move. His parents ask him “didn’t we tell you?” when he interrupts their discussion. Sophocles’ father tells him that they will be moving somewhere far away, and Sophocles panics and runs back to his room. Here he runs a program to calculate how good his chances of being able to live by himself if he stays here. The results inform him there is a 99% chance he couldn’t support himself on his own. This understandably upsets Sophocles. His parents come in and tell him they will be leaving next week, so he should start to pack his bags tomorrow. Before going to sleep, he makes sure that Togedemaru knows it will have to say goodbye forever to everyone, including Pikachu.

Oh no! Togedemaru will never see Pikachu again!

The next day at the school everyone seems to notice that something is wrong with Sophocles, but don’t address it since he wants to keep the move a secret so he doesn’t have to break such bad news to his friends. As the day goes on, it becomes harder for Sophocles to hide that he’s moving, due to Togedemaru acting out and Sophocles showing the group his favourite places to eat which he usually doesn’t do. Lana gets very suspicious and rather then answer her, Sophocles makes an excuse to leave early. However, the group knows his way home and block off the path. At this point Sophocles has no choice but to tell them the truth and the group is shocked to learn about his move. Mallow decides that rather then be upset, everyone should make the most of the week Sophocles has left with them and arranges for everyone to gather for a meal together later in the week.

Good friends are always there for each other.

After this, Kiawe decides to take Sophocles somewhere and brings him to a unique hot spring located within the volcano on Akala Island. Sophocles is fascinated by the rainbow color it has and thanks Kiawe for sharing this secret with him. Upon arriving home, Sophocles thinks of a gift he can share with his friends to thank them for their kindness. While thinking about what to do his parents enter the room and ask why he hasn’t packed his bags yet. Here they inform him that they actually are only moving into the third house down while their current house is renovated. This catches Sophocles off guard as he thought they were permanently moving far away. The next day Sophocles imagines how his friends will hate him when they find out he technically lied to them and he doesn’t know what to do now. Everyone else in the class show up at this point and mention how they promised to be happy for him after seeing that Sophocles was upset.

Wailord is majestic!

Before Sophocles can inform everyone of the misunderstanding, Lana interrupts him and asks him to come with her. He follows and Lana brings him out into the ocean where at sunset something amazing can happen. She says if they are lucky they will see, and after waiting for a few moments, they both watch as a Wailord leaps out of the water majestically and goes back into the ocean. Sophocles is astounded by this and Lana tells him, she wants him to remember the sea of Alola. The scene then shifts to Kukui’s and Ash is trying to decided what he can do for his friend before he leaves. Rotom suggests using electricity and glares Pikachu down. Ash tells it “don’t you dare use Pikachu”, to which Rotom replies “of course not”. It informs Ash that it is thinking of a Pokémon of the same type as Pikachu. The next day, Sophocles once again tries to tell everyone the truth, but they all state how they need to go somewhere before he gets the chance to speak. We then see the scene change and Ash is in the forest. With all of his Pokémon, he plans to hunt for the Pokémon Rotom told him about.

Ash brings new meaning to Gotta Catch ‘Em All.

They split up and then the scene goes back to Sophocles who wants to break the news to Mallow first before the others as he is outside her family’s restaurant. Before anything happens though, Mallow sees Sophocles and seats him in the restaurant and the rest of the group outside of Ash arrive. They are all there to help prepare a feast for Sophocles and have one last meal with him. Meanwhile Ash is in the woods though and his Rockruff and Litten find something. They call Ash over and dig up a Charjabug. This is exactly what Ash was looking for and he thanks his team and prepares to head back.

At this point the feast has begun and Ash is missing out because he’s late. The group all talk about how they will miss and remember him, when Ash shows up. Mallow tells him he is late, but Ash mentions how he had to get the perfect present. Everyone goes outside and Ash releases the Charjabug he found so Sophocles could battle and catch it. Sophocles is shocked to see one and tells Ash how he always wanted one and thanks him. He battles the Charjabug and catches it! After this Sophocles finally gets a chance to explain what happened. Rather then be mad, his friends are happy that he will still be around and the episode ends.

A happy ending!

That’s all for this week! Joining us next time as we cover episode 27 which introduces Gladion to the anime!

Edited by bobandbill and tokyodrift.