Pokémon Anime Daily: Sun & Moon Episode 11 Summary/Review

Episode 11 of the Sun and Moon anime is here! Read about the events that unfold as Ash visits Kiwae’s farm!

This weeks episode of the Sun and Moon anime focuses on Kiwae and his daily life. The episode begins with Ash and Kukui at the beach during sunrise. We learn that Ash and everyone else have no school today and so Ash wants to take the day off to practice. Ash decides that he wants to focusing on practicing Z-Moves with his newly acquired Normalium Z Crystal. He is about to test it out with Pikachu, when Kukui suggests that he tries it with Rowlet instead. Ash remembers that Rowlet has Tackle and decides to test out the Z Move with it instead. Rowlet comes out and Ash does the Z Move dance and initiates Breackneck Blitz. Rowlet begins to glow and goes off running into the ocean, causing the waves to part ways and rise! Ash is astounded by the power the move has but Rowlet is all tired out since it is the first time he has used the move.

Bow down to Rowlet!

Kukui tells Ash that with time and more practice Rowlet will be able to use Z Moves without becoming tired out. Just as he says that, we see Kiwae flying on the ride Charziard. Ash and Kukui spot him and wave to him as he decides to land and say hello. We learn that Kiwae is out delivering MooMoo Milk from his family’s farm. Ash asks Kiwae about the farm and says there must be some cool Pokémon like Miltank there. Kiwae tells Ash that there are, as well as others like Tauros. Ash is excited by this and asks if he can go to the farm. Kukui asks Ash “what about your Z Move training?” and Ash tells Kukui how he can practice with Kiwae since he has the power to use Z moves as well. Kukui then mentions how Kiwae is in the middle of a delivery, but Ash offers to help so it gets done faster. Kiwae tells Kukui that if he is okay with it, then he would be fine with Ash tagging along for the day. Kukui says it is okay, and then gives Ash a ride Pelipper to use to fly there, and tells Ash not to be trouble for Kiwae’s family.

Pelipper even comes with free storage!

We then see several changing scenes of Ash delivering MooMoo Milk with Kiwae as Kiwae talks about how he makes deliveries each morning to the different islands. As they are flying to Akala, we see them fly over the forest where Team Rocket are being held by Bewear. Meowth is apparently playing a game with Jessie in which the first to count four ride Pokémon to pass by wins. Jessie remarks how bored she is as Bewear (who is sleeping beside them) rolls over and crushes the Rocket gang.

Silly bear!

We then see Ash and Kiwae at a young boy’s house who mentions how it’s his mother’s birthday tomorrow and that they are going to make a Rowlet cake for her, but need the fresh MooMoo Milk. Kiwae promises not to be late so they can make the cake. This is a nice scene as it showcases how important Kiwae’s job is and shows why he enjoys it so much. Next we see Kiwae and Ash finally reach his family’s ranch. Ash sees some Mudbray and decides to go look. Rotom begins to talk about them and we learn that eating dirt gives Mudbray their strength. Ash gets too close however and gets mud all over his face. Kiwae’s mother then appears and hands Ash a towel to wipe it off. She welcomes him and asks what he thinks of the ranch. Kiwae’s mother tells them how the fine grass and soil from the nearby Vela Volcano helps the Pokémon at the ranch to grow big and strong. Kiwae’s mother then asks Ash if he would like anything to eat, and Ash ask if he can try some of the ranch’s famous ice cream. She says of course, and Kiwae’s father makes and brings it over, while introducing himself. He goes to offer Ash his business card, but Ash is too busy enjoying the ice cream to see and take it. Rotom then flies over, takes the card, and a picture of Kiwae’s father for future reference.

Kiwae then shouts “no that’s dangerous!” and rushes off towards another part of the ranch. Ash goes over to see what he is chasing after and we see Kiwae roll across the field and take a heavy jug of MooMoo Milk from his little sister Hoshi. She gets upset since she wants to help even though she is still young and can’t really life the jugs. Kiwae tells her that she must stick to her chores for now and tells Ash that this is her little sister. He tells Ash to stay there and they can become friends. Ash feels slightly awkward and so he offers her some ice cream. She ignores the question though and begins to admire how cute Pikachu is. Ash then asks if there is anything else he can help her out with as he doesn’t want to just be sitting around doing nothing. Kiwae’s mother then appears out of nowhere and offers him a job. She hands him a bucket, gloves and more, and we then see Ash and Kiwae with the Mudbray. Kiwae teaches Ash how to wash them and Ash tries washing one but the brush gets stuck and Ash tears outits fur, hurting the Mudbray. It then kicks Ash in the face, sending him flying.

The dirt didn’t taste right…

The next scene shows that he successfully washed one and is happy by his accomplishment. Kiwae then tells him that all of them must be washed. Looking at how many there are, Ash seems overwhelmed. Rotom then decides to count how many there are, and tells Ash that there are 60 needing to be cleaned! The next scene shows that Ash and Kiwae, as well as Pikachu and Hoshi, must clean up the barn. They must provide the right amount of hay, food and water, for all the Pokémon that will be in there overnight. We then see that it is starting to become nighttime and Ash and Kiwae look at the great view of the farm from up on a hill, while Herdier herds the Miltank and other Pokémon into the barn.

Tortunator helps round up all the Tauros!

Finally the day is over and we see Ash gathered with Kiwae’s family about to eat. Ash reaches for the food right away but is stopped by Kiwae. Kiwae’s mother then tells them that they pray before each meal to the Vela Volcano. In hopes that it will continue to nurture their farm and lifestyle, rather then destroy it like a volcano could. The next scene shows Ash about to go to sleep and Rotom asks him if he’s going to battle. Ash tells it he is too tired to battle, but then sees a flash of fire from the window. Ash notices Kiwae outside training with Tortunator. He decides to go out and ask him what he is up to. Kiwae tells Ash how he works during the day and trains at night to master the power of the Fire type Z move in honor of his grandfather. We learn that Kiwae’s grandfather was the Kahuna of Akala at one point and possessed the Z-Ring Kiwae now has as well as his Charziard. Kiwae tells Ash how he had to better himself and train to beat Kahuna Olivia to receive the Z-Ring. We then see another flashback in which Kiwae’s grandfather is talking to him. He tells Kiwae how the volcano can both give and take away, and how its fire is powerful. He tells Kiwae to become a Fire type trainer who uses his flames for nurturing like the volcano, and not destroying. This is what inspired Kiwae to become who he is now. He tells Ash how he wants to be the flame of Alola!

Kiwae with the ex Kahuna, his grandfather.

Ash is inspired by this, and asks Kiwae to battle him with the Z-Ring. Kiwae asks Ash “aren’t you tired” and comment how they have to be up early for their deliveries tomorrow, especially to the Halu the boy who needed the fresh milk to bake his mother’s cake. Ash questions if he would be able to get up then after a battle and decides to get some sleep. The next scene shows them getting ready to depart and has Kiwae stop Hoshi one more time as she tries to wheel out a MooMoo Milk jug. He tells her that she could drop it on her foot and hurt herself. Kiwae then proceeds to put it down and crushes Pikachu’s tail, whom then electrocutes everyone. Kiwae’s family waves goodbye to them as they depart.

Ash comments on how good the view is from the air, but they then fly into a cloud of smoke. Kiwae tells them they must go down lower or they won’t be able to breath. We then see Halu is anxiously awaiting their arrival, even though there is still thirty minutes before they should arrive. Back to Ash and Kiwae we see them flying, when suddenly Pelipper is hit by a Dragon Rage and damages its wing, causing it to crash. Kiwae and Charizard stop as well to check on Pelipper. Kiwae pulls out a medical kit and Ash tells him to go on to Halu’s. We then hear someone say “we found you”, and see that the Team Skull grunts from the first episode have returned for revenge. They are out to beat Kiwae since he’s a Z-Move user, and tell him they “make crying kids cry”. Kiwae tells them to leave as they don’t have time to play with them. Team Skull says they’ll leave then if he gives them the goods they are delivering, and of course Ash and Kiwae say no. Team Skull’s Pokémon then use Venoshock to attack everyone. Ash asks the grunts if they hate Z-Moves, and they say “yeah, so what?”. Ash flashes his Z-Ring and the grunts get scared. Using Gigavolt Havoc, Pikachu knocks the grunts and their Pokémon out, causing them to speed off on their motorcycles.

That’s gonna hurt!

They get Pelipper to the Pokémon Center and then proceed to go to Halu’s. Halu asks them a favor for being late, and they ask what it is. He tells Ash and Kiwae that after they all eat cake, he wants to see the two battle. Since Ash had come to with Kiwae to battle him originally, he agrees and Kiwae tells Ash he won’t hold back. The episode ends with Pikachu about to battle Tortunator. We then get one last shot and see Team Rocket are sleeping in Bewear’s life and comment how it may be boring, but it sure is the life. However, they should get back to work soon…

Edited by bobandbill and tokyodrift.