Pokémon Anime Daily: Sun and Moon Episode 29 Summary/Review

Come read about the latest episode of the Sun and Moon anime, featuring Morelull here!

In this week’s installment of the Sun and Moon anime, the gang all goes camping and experience some strange things in the woods…

The episode opens up with everyone in the group setting up camp beside a river. They’re finishing making food, setting up tents, etc, when Lana decides to tell everyone a story. She warns them that according to rumors people that enter these woods end up falling asleep and waking up thinner then ever before. This startles the group, but they don’t fully believe the rumor. Afterwards they all split up around the area to do different things. Mallow gathers berries, Sophocles reads, Lana and Lillie swim in thee river, and Kiawe and Ash have a battle to train with each other. While watching, Litten hears something in the bushes and Rockruff jumps out surprising everyone. We then see Mallow again and she notices Steenee is missing. Back to Ash and Kiawe, we learn that everyone else has not returned yet. Pikachu runs off after hearing something, and Ash gives chase. Kiawe goes to run after them but he turns and around is shocked to see something behind him (the figure isn’t shown however).

Pikachu finally stops and we see Rowlet asleep in the middle of the forest. Rotom comments that it shouldn’t be asleep this long and Ash then notices the same thing happened to Sophocles nearby.

What is draining everyone’s energy?

Before they can try and figure out what happened, the cookie Rowlet had earlier is thrown forth and Rowlet goes over to pick it up when a Morelull comes running out of the bushes and ambushes Ash, Sophocles, Pikachu, Rotom, and Rowlet. Upon awaking, Ash and Sophocles realize they are super thin and drained of energy. Even Rotom has lost 30% of it’s battery! They all go back to the campsite and everyone else is there looking the same way. They all eat tons of food to refill their energy and get back to their old selves. Afterwards they try to figure out what happened to them and what to do next. After everyone states their stories, Rotom accuses Lillie of putting everyone to sleep since she was the only one not hungry. Mallow quickly shuts Rotom’s idea down stating it would make no sense. Lana reminds them of the rumor but Kiawe tries to state that all their activity must have made them sleeping and hungry. However this is quickly proven wrong when a Morelull walks up to the camp site and releases spores putting everyone to sleep again.

The culprit is revealed!

The group wakes up shortly after and the Morelull is still there, this allows Rotom to analyze it and bring it’s PokéDex entry up, revealing it as a culprit. The Morelull is scared and releases spores again. The group covers their face to block them and Morelull attacks Kiawe to try and steal his energy. It then jumps off and tries to steal energy from Lillie’s Clefairy doll. This gives Ash an idea and he goes and gets a plate of curry. He encourages Morelull to drain his energy while he eats curry to replenish it. This surprises everyone, but is what they come to expect from Ash at this point. After many plates of food, both Ash and Morelull are full. The group then notices hundreds of other Morelull run by and the Morelull with the group follows them. Ash and the group decide to go to and end up in front of a dying tree.

Aww, they just wanted to save a tree!

The Morelull all gather and begin to evolve into Shiinotic! Upon evolving, they use all their saved energy to bring life back to the tree and restore it to its former beauty. The group is astounded by this sight. The Shiinotic that was the Morelull Ash fed, walks up to Ash and extends it’s hand to him before releasing spores again and putting everyone to sleep. The group wakes up the next morning with all their energy this time and thank the Morelull/Shiinotic for that and the episode ends.

So what did you of this week’s episode?

S.T. phone home?

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