About PokéCommunity Daily

What is PokéCommunity Daily?

PokéCommunity Daily is an outlet of The PokéCommunity. Here we’ll publish articles about Pokémon, from news items, opinions, guides, creative works and features on cool fan works. All contributions are made by PokéCommunity members on our forums, and we’re always open to more contributions as well.

For more information about the content we’re sharing, or if you’d like to contribute, check out our opening post!

What is PokéCommunity?

The PokéCommunity is a discussion spot for Pokémon fans. While Pokémon is the common link between our members, our community extends beyond that. We discuss anything under the sun in our forum sections. Our other creative areas such as the Art & Design, Roleplay Theatre and Fan Fiction and Writing sections also extend beyond Pokémon works. Even if you’re not into the current Pokémon games, we have a whole community of folks to engage with, and various events to enjoy.

Of course, you can also join in and talk about Pokémon! Here we discuss the games and anime, and you can also trade Pokémon with other users. Furthermore, there’s a Fan Games section for members to showcase their ROM hacks or games made from scratch (Pokémon or otherwise).

We also have our Twitter and Facebook pages to follow!