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Project Voltage’s Electrifying Easter Eggs

There were eighteen Project VOLTAGE songs in total, and almost all of them reference and sample Pokémon game themes. We point out the references made in some of these songs!

Back in the day, collaborations between The Pokémon Company and other parties were, for the most part, unheard of, especially in the music side. But, that all changed with the Bump of Chicken music video released in 2020, and the 25th anniversary music project.

Project VOLTAGE was announced on August 31st, 2023. There were eighteen songs in total, and almost all of them reference and sample multiple Pokémon themes from the Pokémon games. Here we explore a few of these songs and their references.

Volt Tackle, the first song in the project by Deco*27, is a song about Miku really wanting to catch a Pikachu. Some of the themes sampled in this song include:

But that’s not all. The lyrics make a callback to Pokémon natures, amongst other topics such as Team Rocket dialogue. Deco*27 really did his Pokémon homework with this one.

Denki Yohou by inabakumori is a song about Electric types. In fact, a lot of themes sampled are quite thunderous. From the sound of a rainstorm to:

This song is electrifying. There are also Pokémon cries played throughout, such as Helioptile.

What Kind of Future is a funky pop song by Mitchie M that is very punny. It is a song about Miku starting out as a Pokémon Trainer, and uses the names of many different Pokémon as fun wordplay. The song samples:

But the fun does not end there. In this song, Miku rides on the Pokémon Miraidon, which is a nod to the Sega Rhythm game series on the 3DS, Project Mirai.

The Pokémon Inside My Heart by PinocchioP is the fourth song in the Project Voltage series. It is a slow ballad about growing up into adulthood and the nostalgia of the good old days. In this song, many iconic sounds from the Game Boy era are referenced, such as:

This song also shows various moments of the faceless person in the song playing Pokémon Red and Green. Some references include the Gengar vs Nidorino fight, trading with a friend using a link cable, and walking around Kanto.

That is all for now. Are there any Easter Eggs that were missed within these songs? Feel free to drop any that you found in the comments below.

Edited by bobandbill, Cocoman and Sheep. Some song references also added by bobandbill.