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Project Voltage’s Shocking Stories – Part 2

The next four songs within Project Voltage are both easter egg heavy and rich on storytelling alike. Find out what songs are referenced here!

Storytelling is in the eyes of the beholder. During the early days of Pokémon, the stories were considered pretty simple. The next four songs within Project Voltage are both easter egg heavy and rich on storytelling alike.

Battle! (Hatsune Miku) is the fifth song in Project Voltage written by the speedmaster himself, cosmo@bousop. This song follows a simple story of Miku fighting her rival, a black haired Miku. It is worth noting this could be a reference to the Hatsune Miku append software as well as the famous Nidorino vs Gengar fight from Pokémon Red and Green. 

This song utilizes a lot of in-game sounds, such as the PC startup, shut down, and low HP sounds, and even an initiating battle screen transition.

The themes and sounds samples are the following:

Fly in the Sky With You is a song by Kasamura Tota which excels in storytelling through music. It follows a Mudkip, portrayed by Hatsune Miku, who became friends with a Pelipper and rides in the sky in its mouth. The Pelipper is portrayed by Megurine Luka. It is the first duet song in the project.

This song heavily discusses evolution, and references the Everstone, as well as the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire design of Brendan. The only theme sampled is Littleroot Town in a slow piano ballad.

Gotchu by Giga is a rap song following Rin, Len and Miku as they go around Kanto trying to catch them all. This song has a hefty amount of Easter Eggs, such as the Picnicker, Camper and Lass trainer classes, the Protein and Itemfinder items, and game screens and sprites in the style of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. Kaito can also be heard narrating the Pokédex.

The themes sampled are the following:

Juvenile is a song by Jinalso known as Shizen no Teki p. This song follows a teenager Miku and her partner Pokémon Eevee and the many battles they have together over the years. This song is the first one in the project that samples themes from all nine Pokémon generations. However, for some, the themes may be difficult to hear.

The themes sampled are:

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Edited by Aldo, bobandbill and Sheep.