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PokéCommunity Daily is hiring! We’re ever so looking for dedicated individuals to join the Daily writing teams. Note that you do not have to join the Daily team to write articles for Daily — but you do get a whole bunch of perks! See the frequently asked questions for more.

How the Daily team works

PokéCommunity Daily is managed by bobandbill. The management oversees the quality, writing teams, and processes for Daily.

Lead writers and columnists are in charge of the articles that run in their columns and sections. Lead writers and columnists will approve ideas, make suggestions to, and sign off article drafts to publish onto PokéCommunity Daily.

Writers will write articles for Daily at least once every two weeks (these requirements are flexible). They submit article ideas the same as any non-Daily staff or through the Daily staff forum. They can also directly submit articles into the editor workshop for editing and scrutiny. Once approved, they may directly publish their articles to Daily.

PokéCommunity Daily staff are responsible for writing and editing articles. All writers and lead writers may suggest edits to be made to articles submitted through the Daily writing process.

Application process

We’re frequently searching for new applicants! We select applicants for positions based on a variety of metrics, including:

  • Contributions to Daily
  • Professional qualifications
  • Article-writing experience on other websites

The Daily editors and the lead writers for the section being applied for will assess each application.

To apply for a position, check out the positions below and apply using this form.


The Daily team are looking for:

  • Headline writers. Writers will keep track of Pokémon news and post these articles directly to Daily. These posts are exempted from the Writer’s Workshop process. News posts must be overseen by an Editor or the relevant sectional editor.
  • In-Depth News writers. As an in-depth writer, you’ll post extensive coverage of the trending Pokémon news stories. You’ll pick up on a topic of interest and make sure the whole world knows what it’s about while it’s hot news!
  • Pokémon Gaming writers. Your focus is to write content surrounding the games — be it new games or old. You may speculate on things like new features, talk about old features, write comparisons for the games, gather opinions, etc.
  • Pokémon Animé writers. You can’t stop talking about the anime, can you? Write about the Pokémon anime. Writers in this team talk about the anime in general, character development, give your own opinions or gather those of others, make predictions, speculate, etc.
  • Pokémon Fan Game writers. Explore the world of Pokémon fan games — you’ll write and review the latest Pokémon Fan Games (ROM hacks and custom games on PokéCommunity and otherwise), explore the latest tools and development kits that could be used to build one, or write how-tos.
  • General Pokémon writers. You focus on the more general Pokémon content, towns and cities, “Blaine’s facts,” ‘Martha’s Musings,” “Who’s that Pokémon?” etc.
  • Competitive Battling writers. You work with others to talk about strategies. Talk about the big changes to the metagame. Talk about other, more interesting metagames. Prove Garchomp is an overpowered battler.
  • Fanbase Feature writers. Behind the fanbase column, you’ll check the web, find cool Pokémon stuff, and negotiate with fanwork authors/artists to put their stuff on the greater web (and Daily, of course). You can interview well-known Pokémon fans or content contributors. You may choose to write about this content or provide it to the ROM Hacking, Gaming, Anime, or General writing teams.
  • Proofreader. This role involves editing existing articles, uploading approved articles to WordPress, and responding to ideas pitched by PokéCommunity members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a position to write for Daily?
No; anyone is able to contribute articles for Daily on a casual basis. The positions for Daily provide you with a staff rank and access to our discussion section. It allows you to work with the Daily team at an official capacity, working and collaborating directly with other editors to create articles. Bear in mind working for the team directly will mean there are expectations when it comes to your workload.

What do I get with a position?
By joining the Daily team, you will be given a staff rank and access to our Daily staff forums, complete with username colour and rank image, as well as other PokéCommunity staff perks, including access to the VIP forums and a staff-exclusive chat forum.

Do I need a PokéCommunity Account to be on Daily Staff?
Registration at The PokéCommunity is required for all Daily staff. If you don’t have a PokéCommunity Account right now, you’ll be required to create one if you get a position. You will also need a Discord account, as working with the rest of the Daily team also happens on that platform (text chat only).

Will I be compensated for writing articles?
All contributors to PokéCommunity Daily do so on a voluntary basis. Daily Staff are not compensated for their positions.

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