Welcome to PokéCommunity Daily!

We welcome you to PokéCommunity Daily, the newest addition to The PokéCommunity.

Welcome to the newest addition to PokéCommunity: PokéCommunity Daily! This is a Pokémon news site written by the PokéCommunity Forum members, and YOU can join in too!

What’s going to be posted?

You can expect a range of articles on PokéCommunity Daily, from news items, opinions, guides, creative works and features on cool fan works.

News – We will post any significant Pokémon news, such as new game releases or updates.
Opinions and Discussions – What good is news without being able to discuss new trailers or the anime or new features within the games? Members are free to offer up their two cents for PokéCommunity Daily!
Strategy – Advice on battling! We have a dedicated group on PokéCommunity’s Battle Server and Battling section.
Analysis – A step further than a discussion – here we’ll go into depth about a game feature, music or a Pokémon species!
Guides – You can expect tutorials on a range of things, from Pokémon game challenges to ROM hacks to fanfics to drawing to Let’s Plays to team building to…
Fan Work Showcases – We will feature Pokémon fan works we feel deserve extra attention, both those within PokéCommunity and outside of it!
Interviews – There will be interviews with members across the forums! You can also expect mock interviews with fictional characters for the fun of it.
Forum Features – Every so often we’ll highlight a section on the forum and why it is awesome.
Creative Works – Entire creative pieces such as drawings and stories will also be made and posted straight to PokéCommunity Daily!
And more! 

How can I contribute?

You can contribute to PokéCommunity Daily in numerous ways. You can write the articles, come up with article ideas, create art for them, or even just proofread or give suggestions. We welcome any sort of assistance! You do need to be a member of the PokéCommunity Forums however, as that’s where the writing and editing of articles occurs.

To find out more, check out our How to Contribute thread within the PokéCommunity Daily Workshop section!

We’re excited to launch this new platform, and right before the celebrations of the 20th Pokémon Anniversary celebrations (#Pokémon20) to boot. We hope that you will enjoy it!