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Pokémon Anime Daily: Sun and Moon Episode 32 Summary/Review

Come read about Ash and co’s big treasure hunt as they arrive in Akala with Olivia in this week’s anime episode summary/review!

This week in the Sun and Moon anime, Ash and co head to Akala Island and compete in a special class hosted by Olivia!

When they arrive on the island, Ash and friends are informed that their class for today will involve them choosing a Stoutland and bonding with it. Each person then has to see what items they can find with their Stoutland because of their newfound bond. Everyone takes some time to decide, but eventually everyone gets a Stoutland that seems similar to their personalities. Ash even remembers the Stoutland Litten took care of while here, and says that he will continue to keep taking good care of Litten. Olivia and Kukui inform Ash and co that once the second alarm goes off they must come back with whatever they find.

Ash’s Stoutland is a bit too excited. Mallow as well maybe…

As soon as the challenge starts, Ash’s Stoutland goes running off with him, and Kiawe follows shorty after, followed by Sophocles and Mallow. Lana’s Stoutland starts trying to buck her and manages to knock her off. Rather then give up however, Lana gets back on and holds on until Stoutland tires itself out and gives up. It then obeys her and they begin the challenge. Meanwhile the last one left is Lillie.

Rather then go hunting, Lillie’s goal is to at least get on the Stoutland. Although her Stoutland is timid, it still scares her and presents a challenge due to her fear of Pokémon. Back to Ash we see that his Stoutland has led him to a spot where there are Red, Blue, and Green shards. Ash doesn’t see much worth in these, but thanks Stoutland for finding them. Rotom then tells Ash that they are favored by collectors. The scene shifts again and we see what the rest of Ash’s classmates have found. Kiawe has been led to a beach, Lana to berries (her Stoutland is hungry), Mallow to Tiny and Big Mushrooms and Sophocles to a mountain where fossils can be found. The alarm sounds and everyone lines up for Olivia to judge what they found. Ash takes 3rd place for his shards, Mallow second for her mushrooms, and Kiawe first since he actually found a fossil, while Lana and Sophocles found nothing. Ash is shocked by the victory and Kiawe tells Ash “How about that?”.

Lillie came prepared and determined to ride Stoutland.

However the competition isn’t over yet! There is a second round to the challenge and so there are still points to be won! Ash’s Stoutland finds another shard, but this time it’s a Yellow one! Lana’s Stoutland decides to sleep in the middle of a field and so Lana and Popplio decide to try and find something on their own. Popplio climbs into a small opening in the nearby hill and is sent flying out. An angry Garbodor appears and begins to attack Lana and Popplio. Lana states how she will protect Popplio and Stoutland. Popplio decides to fight but is knocked out instantly. Right before Garbodor is about to hit Lana however, Stoutland jumps up and Giga Impacts it, knocking it out. Lana’s Stoutland has more trust in her now and motions for her to get back on it.

Meanwhile Kiawe is meditating in the same place he was at earlier with his Stoutland. His Stoutland then picks up the scent of something and they head off. Meanwhile Mallow is back at the berry orchard and asks her Stoutland to go find some rocks since they seem to be worth more then food. It sniffs around and then goes running off. Mallow thinks it’s after the rest of the berries, however it moves past them. Sophocles is then shown to be using his computer to find where any other fossils could be based on the meteorite that hit the island 300 years ago.

Geodude does not want to be captured today!

Back to Ash, we see his Stoutland has lead him to a strange rock. Ash lifts it up wondering what it is, and sees it’s a Geodude. He notices the different color and Rotom informs Ash that this is what they look like in Alola and how it’s an Electric type. Ash decides to try and catch and has Pikachu weaken it. When Ash thinks he can catch it, he throws the ball, only for Geodude to ThunderPunch it away, hitting Ash in the face. The Geodude then runs off and Ash doesn’t see it again.

The scene changes again and we see Lillie trying to overcome her fear of riding Stoutland. Kukui and Olivia cheer her on and remind her how she has befriended Pikachu and Vulpix. Lillie thinks back on this and mentions how she wants to befriend other Pokémon. Before we see what happens however, we get to see where Lana’s Stoutland has taken her. The alarm to end the challenge sounds and Lana is worried about getting back, but Stoutland brings her into the cave and starts digging something up. Once back at the Stoutland ranch, everyone presents their findings. Ash loses by only having a Yellow Shard, Mallow has found a Giant Tomoto Berry placing her in second, until Sophocles has revealed that he found a Star Piece leftover from the meteorite putting him ahead of everyone else.

A Z-Ring Stone was found!

Before we see what Kiawe and Lana found, Kukui brings attention to Lillie, and everyone watches as she finally gets on Stoutland. They are all happy and excited that she was able to conquer her fear, as is Lillie herself. Kiawe even comments that he will have to get Lillie to fly on his Charziard, but she says she doesn’t think she is ready for that yet. Kiawe is then shown to have found a Plume Fossil putting him ahead of everyone once again. Lana then presents what she found and Olivia is shocked to see what Stoutland had brought back. It’s a stone that can make a Z-Ring! Everyone is caught off guard by this and this rare find gets Lana the most points and she wins the challenge. Olivia even decides to make Lana a Z-Ring with it! Everyone congrats her and the episode ends with another Z-ring user entering the anime!

Edited by bobandbill, Kostas and SirBoglor.