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Pokémon GO & Sprint Trainer Rewards: Your Ticket to Japan

Dreaming of visiting the Land of the Rising Sun? This is probably your chance!

Since Niantic has partnered with U.S mobile carrier Sprint, many customers who play the game were welcomed with some perks such as stores transforming into a Pokémon GO hub (where stores become PokéStops and Gyms, as well as players can charge their phones while on the hunt for Pokémon). Now, players are in for more perks as they introduce a program called Trainer Rewards, where you, the player, earn points for each task you complete while playing Pokémon GO.

The plus side: You do not need Sprint or Boost Mobile service to access these rewards, and your points to redeem do not expire until the end of this year.

How do you sign up? Simply go to the Trainer Rewards program and learn more about the rewards they offer, as well as how to redeem points for prizes.

One of the prizes offered is a trip for four to Japan for a five-night stay! For every 10 points, you spend on your rewards, you are entered into a sweepstake that includes prizes such as a Samsung Galaxy S8 and Amazon Gift Cards. However, the sweepstake lasts until July 7th, 2017, so if you do decide to sign up, rack as many points as possible if you do want to go to Japan!

Some of the tasks you can do in order to earn rewards points are to visit your nearby Sprint store (which is also a PokéStop) and upload your screenshot of a Pokémon you caught at or nearby the store. Also, logging in can give you points as well.

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