Pokémon Anime Daily: Sun & Moon Episode 43 Summary/Review

The trip to Kanto continues as the Alolan gang takes on Misty and Brock in a Gym challenge! Read about the exciting episode here!

In this week’s episode the group’s adventure in Kanto continues!

The episode opens with everyone gathered at Cerulean City to battle and see what the Gym Challenges are like compared to the trials of Alola. Kukui explains what a Gym battle is to everyone and brings attention to the fact that Ash has battled the leaders of the region before. Kiwae asks Ash if he got any badges and Ash tells him how he got all eight, to which Brock and Misty say that he got theirs out of pity (jokingly).

Ash is caught off guard by this and decides to change the subject. Brock and Misty then ask who wants to go first and everyone raises their hand. Due to the size of the group, Brock and Misty decide to take two people on at a time. Lana and Mallow team up to battle Misty and her Psyduck, while Lillie and Sophocles battle Brock and his Geodude. Lana and Mallow battle first and use Popplio and Steenee. Popplio uses Bubblebeam and Steenee uses Magical Leaf. Psyduck is knocked over, however it gets back up and uses Water Gun. Popplio counters this by taking the water into one of its bubbles though. Misty is surprised and impressed with Lana’s skill. The bubble moves forward and brings Psyduck into the sky and then drops it to the ground. Mallow and Lana apologize for hurting Psyduck, but it gets back up and goes into one of it’s psychic modes from the first seasons. With its enhanced power, it lifts Popplio and Steenee up into the air and is ready to throw them until Misty tells it to drop them, knowing how strong Psyduck’s power can get.

Don’t make Psyduck mad!

Psyduck’s strength catches everyone from Alola off guard. Misty ends the battle their and compliments their battle styles. Psyduck then starts freaking out and Misty let’s everyone know that it finally felt the damage from hitting it’s head earlier. Next the match against Brock Starts! Sophocles uses Togedamaru and Lillie of course uses her Alolan Vulpix. Sophocles leads the battle off by using Zing-Zap on Geodude, shocked to find it does nothing. Brock then informs him that Kantonian Geodude are Rock and Ground type instead of Rock and Electric type. Lillie has Snowy use Powder Snow, but Brock’s Geodude knocks it away wit ha Gyro Ball. This strategy surprises Sophocles as he never thought to use moves that way. The battle ends after this and Kukui asks to see if everyone learned how complex battling can be, to which they all agree.

Steelix is quite sturdy!

Kukui then turns to Ash and Kiawe and asks if they are ready to fight together. However both Ash and Kiawe want to fight Misty and Brock 1v1 respectively in a serious battle. This gets everyone else excited to watch and Kiawe gets to go first. This time Brock uses Steelix, while Turtunator is used by Kiawe. Kiawe attacks with a Flamethrower, engulfing Steelix in fire. Steelix just shrugs this off though with a Gyro Ball. Kiawe is caught off guard, but Brock reminds him how he had just showcased this. Steelix then uses Bind, but is countered by a Shell Trap, knocking Steelix into some pillars. Brock compliments Kiawe’s skills and then has Steelix use Dig and send Turtunator into the air. It then slams Turtunator to the ground dealing heavy damage. Kiawe decides that the only way to win is with his Z-Move. Brock states that if Kiawe will use his full power, the so will he and rips off his shirt; revealing a Mega Necklace. Kiawe doesn’t know what this is, while Ash is excited to see this. Kiawe then realizes that this is Mega evolution and caught off guard. Turtunator unleashes its Z-Move but Steelix still doesn’t faint; although it takes a lot of damage. Everyone is amazed with how strong Mega Steelix is, and Brock even admires the power of Kiawe’s Z-Move. Brock then finishes off Turtunator with a Stone Edge, knocking it out. Kiawe’s Marowak then appearances and smacks Kiawe for losing. Brock laughs, but tells Marowak that it should still how admire how well Kiawe had thought.

Next Ash and Misty’s battle begins! Misty uses Gyarados and Ash fights with Pikachu. The field changes to be filled with water this time and Sophocles and Kiawe note how this is a disadvantage for Ash. However Ash is excited and tells them not to worry about it. Pikachu leads with Thunderbolt and Electro Ball, but Gyarados is quick to dodge them partially, but still takes some damage. It then uses Rain Dance, surprising everyone that it is raining inside now. Pikachu goes for an Electro Ball, but Gyarados uses Hurricane knocking the move away and pushing Pikachu back.

It’s raining…inside!

Ash asks it if it’s ok, and Misty tells him to focus as she shows him that she also has a Mega Ring! Gyarados uses Hydro Pump, sending Pikachu into the water, who then tries to out swim Gyarados. Pikachu makes it back on land and back flips off the rocks and onto Gyarados, slamming it into the water with Iron Tail. Gyarados comes back out however and traps Pikachu in a Hurricane. Ash is unsure what to do at first, but analyzes the situation. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt but the currents stay trapped in the Hurricane. Misty tells Ash how no challenger has managed to overcome this tactic, but Ash then sees a way. He has Pikachu dash through the currents of electricity with Quick Attack, and it then flies out of the Hurricane and blasts Gyarados with a full powered GigaVolt Havoc, which knocks it out. Everyone from Alola is captivated by the battle and Lana even remarks “I want to be a tom boyish mermaid now”!

Kukui states how he hoped everyone learned a lot about battling from this experience and the group all head back to the airport. Brock and Misty give everyone from Alola replicas of the badges from the gyms as a commemoration of their battles/visit. Everyone is happy with this and remark how they hope to earn real ones someday. Kukui turns to Professor Oak and tells him how happy it makes him to see them like this and reveals that he wants to build a league in Alola much like the games. Samson Oak agrees that that’s a great idea and says they should think up some badges. Ash then says goodbye to Brock and Misty and invites them to come to Alola sometime, to which they say they will! The last scene shows the plane taking off and we see that the Jigglypuff from last week’s episode and the first season of the anime, has booked a ride aboard the plane to Alola!

Mega Gyarados proves to be quite intimidating!

What will happen next? ( On Not Pokémon Z!) What did you think of this episode? Tune in next time as we cover the discovery of Cosmog and other big events from Sun and Moon’s games!

Edited by: 5qwerty, Radiating