Pokémon Anime Daily: Sun and Moon Episode 33 Summary/Review

Join us this week as we recap the events of the latest episode in which Lana and Ash take on Totem Wishiwashi!

In this episode of Sun and Moon, the massive Totem Wishiwashi appears! Much like the games, Ash and friends are at a lake trying to fish out and fight the Totem.

The episode opens up with Team Rocket fishing at a lake after a local fisherman tells them that the Totem of the lake has been spotted here. They hope to fish it out and give it to Giovanni as a gift. Meowth ends up hooking something and pulls in a small Wishiwashi. James decides to look up information on it in a book he has. Meowth believes it is a weakling and throws it in the water. Jessie then hooks up something big, and we see Bewear come flying out of the water on Jessie’s fishing line. This catches Team Rocket off guard but before they can act, Bewear whisks them away! The scene shifts and we learn that today is a day off for the school and that they can do whatever they’d like on the island. Everyone but Lana and Ash head off with Kiawe to his farm.

To infinity and beyond!

Lana jokingly tells Ash that she wants to go fish out a Mega Gyarados, which Ash is shocked by and questions if you can really fish that out. Rotom and Lana of course make sure Ash knows this is not possible. Lana loans Ash her spare rod and as they leave the Pokémon Center, they bump into Olivia who asks if they are going on a fishing date. This embarrasses Lana as she assures Olivia that that is not the case. Olivia then informs her that there is a great lake nearby where she can fish up a Totem Pokémon. Lana is excited to hear this and makes it her goal to find it. Olivia also lets her know that her Z-Ring should be finished by the team they get back. Lana states how she still doesn’t really know much about Z-Moves and doesn’t think she could actually pull them off. Olivia assures her that overtime she will be able to master them however. Arriving at the lake, Lana and Ash are greeted by the same fisherman that was with Team Rocket. He cites himself as the fisherman of the lake and that due to all his experience, people looking to hunt the Totem must get his permission.

He tells Ash and Lana that to get his permission they need to fish up a Feebas which are very rare in this lake and something he has only seen once in 50 years of his life. He then talks to Ash about how he had fierce battles with the Totem and presents his fake battle scars from it. Lana casually walks back into the scene with a Feebas on her rod and the fisherman is astounded. He gives the two his permission and then says that they’ll need a boat to fight the Totem. He offers to loan them his, in exchange for the Feebas Lana caught. Before they head out though, Lana notices an injured Wishiwashi on the shore and helps take care of its injury and then puts it back in the water. Then they set sail for the center of the lake.

The Totem of the Lake, Wishiwashi!

Once here, Ash gets a bite right away and reels in a Magikarp. It then slaps Ash across his face and dives back in the water. Lana states that it must really like Ash and then gets the feeling that something big is nearby. Popplio notices that a school of Whishiwashi are forming under water and alerts Lana. She gets a bite and almost falls in the lake, but Ash grabs her to keep her from falling. As lana pulls the line out of the water, the massive Totem Wishiwashi is revealed and jumps over the boat. Rotom has no idea what Pokémon it is and is astounded as is the fisherman who has never seen the Totem until now. Lana then gets ready to battle Wishiwashi as the fisherman tells her that it has given her permission to do battle with it. However before the battle begins, the scene shifts and we see everyone enjoying all the food Kiawe’s farm offers and putting him to work in making it. Kiawe then states how Ash and Lana must been having relaxing fun while fishing.

Wishiwashi is a lot like Jaws…

We then see what happens on the lake next as Totem Wishiwashi drags the boat across the lake and flings it onto the land sending Ash and Pikachu in the water. Ash gets out but notices Pikachu is missing and sees Wishiwashi hunting it down. Lana has Popplio push Pikachu to safety and then try to distract Wishiwashi with Bubblebeam, which does nothing. Popplio makes it back to land but is terrified of WIshiwashi. Lana tells it that it certainly is scary but she will beat it and reel it in without help. Ash and Rotom tell her that there’s no way she can do it alone but she doesn’t listen. Popplio realizes how hard Lana is trying and musters up courage to go in and distract Wishiwashi with Bubblebeam. Lana manages to pull it out of the water again this way, but it gets back in. Popplio pursues it but is knocked away by an unknown attack. Ash sticks his head in the water and sees an Alomomola has shown up and has started healing Wishiwashi. Ash throws his fishing rod in the lake in order to distract it and it works. Ash pulls Alolmomola out of the water and has Pikachu Electro Ball it, sending it swimming away crying.This gives Lana a chance to reel in the Totem Wishiwashi and Popplio comes back to trick it into jumping out of the water. When Wishiwashi jumps out, Popplio turns around and surprises everyone by using Aqua Jet (a move it had not previously known) and pierces straight through the Totem causing all the Wishiwashi to fall out of the air and back into the lake.

Popplio saves the day!

After they all land, the Wishiwashi that Lana helped earlier appears and gives her a Waterium-Z! She thanks it for the gift and the fun battle. Back at the Pokémon Center, Lana is presented with her new Z-Ring and shows everyone her new Z-Crystal to go along with it! Everyone is excited and the episode ends with her tauntingly telling the rest of the group that now she can fish out a Mega Gyarados, which they all believe.

Everyone seems to be quite gullible.


That is all for this week, what did you think of the Totem battle? Join us next week as the island trials continue with Alolan Marowak!

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