Pokémon Anime Daily: Sun & Moon Episode 46 Summary

Episode 46 in the Pokémon anime shows Ash and the gang being shown around the Aether Foundation!


Alola! Welcome to the Aether Paradise! In the 46th episode of the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime, our hero Ash and his friends get to visit the Aether Paradise upon Lusamine’s personal invitation! Read how a Ditto there causes trouble for them and how they succeed in catching it! On the other hand, Faba seems really curious about Nebby. What is that he has in his mind? Uncover more details by reading on…

The episode begins with Lillie jotting down in her diary about Nebby’s move teleport, how Team Rocket wanted to capture it due to its mysterious powers and how it eventually teleported Ash and his friends to the roof of Trainer’s school.

This episode features Ash and his friends traveling to Aether paradise. Faba and Wicke welcome them, with Faba showing extreme curiosity for Nebby, the Cosmog. When Faba tries to catch Nebby, it teleports itself out of Faba’s hands and he grabs Rowlet instead, annoying him as he tries to slam Rowlet on the floor before Ash catches it.

Inside the docks.
Lusamine’s Mansion

Faba instructs the group to meet Lusamine and Wicke guides them. Team Rocket can be seen dressed as Aether Foundation employees. Apparently, Faba hired them when they were unable to successfully run a Malasada shop. Faba and Wicke direct the group to Lusamine’s mansion, where she introduces herself but gets interrupted several times by phone calls until she abruptly leaves. In her office, the group is served cake and macarons. Since Lusamine is busy at work, Lillie takes it upon herself to show her friends around Aether Paradise. When Sophocles hesitates, he gets a cold look from Lillie after which he surrenders.

Yeah, we know you are keeping up with busy schedules these days.
Eat it, Sophocles!
What did you say, Sophocles?

The first place they visit is the conservation area on top of the building. There they meet Professor Burnet, with Lana, Mallow, Kiawe and Sophocles meeting her for the first time. Apparently, she is helping Lusamine with some research work. Professor Burnet shows them around and takes them to the Ditto shelter. She says that she has to vaccinate all of them and asks if the others are willing to help her. The group readily joins in.

The Conservation Area on top of Aether Paradise
The Ditto Shelter
Ouch!! Ditto!!

Prof Burnet starts vaccinating the Ditto held by Ash, Kiawe, Mallow, and Lana one by one. However, as she gets to Sophocles, the Ditto he is holding jumps and gets away. Now the group has another job: to catch the Ditto and return it back. They start searching the conservation area. Initially, the Ditto takes on the form of Rotom Dex but gets away when the group approaches it. It then transforms into different Pokémon (an Exeggcute and a Jigglypuff) and keeps the group busy for some time. Sophocles finally suggests that they look for Pokémon with beady eyes to recognize Ditto. The group eventually confronts a group of Quagsire. Just when Ash is about to leap onto them, Lillie recalls that Quagsires too have beady eyes just like Ditto.

I don’t recognize you Rotom!
That looks creepy.
Seems like Ash didn’t like it when he came to know that Quagsire too had beady eyes.

In the meantime, Team Rocket is busy setting up a trap with stinky trash for Nebby, assuming it a pre-evolution of Koffing. Faba encounters them and gets blown away by the stink of the trash, making it easy for Team Rocket to get away from his wrath.

Team Rocket’s booby trap, but it stinks!!

Ash and his friends confront a beady-eyed Psyduck, and as they are going to catch it, the Psyduck jumps in the midst of other Pokémon, trying to mingle and get lost in the crowd. The other Pokémon quickly jump to their trainers but when Lillie approaches Snowy, she feels that something is wrong with it. The real Snowy then approaches Lillie from the back, and the group recognizes the fake one as Ditto. Ash leaps onto it and is successful in getting hold of it.

A beady-eyed, creepy looking Psyduck coming for you!
Snowy, you high on something?
Ah… finally you did it, Ash.

Back at the Ditto shelter, the vaccination of the troublesome Ditto takes place as Wicke thanks them and explains how Lusamine is working on the protection of Pokémon. Ash and his friends congratulate Lillie after being impressed at the amount of work her mom is putting into this. Lusamine checks in to ask what happened with the Ditto that got away after getting a report of it. When she hears the group has successfully captured the Ditto, she hugs her daughter. Lillie is initially embarrassed but seeing the happy faces of her friends, she too smiles.


The conclusion shows Team Rocket accidentally discovering Faba’s lab while trying to get their hands on Nebby. They search through the documents and uncover details about Type: Null and the Ultra-beasts until Faba discovers them. He angrily confronts them but eventually cools down after some flattering words from Team Rocket. Faba says that everything is all right; assuming Team Rocket will keep their mouths closed about what they saw in his lab. The ending shows Faba and Team Rocket laughing hysterically in unison.

Inside Faba’s lab.
An article showing Type: Null and its anti-UB abilities.
Please stop! You will make me cry………….. of laughter.

Edited by Rabinov.