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#FeatureFriday – Kanto Explorers: Through Time

This week we feature Kanto Explorers: Through Time, an upcoming Pokémon Crystal ROM Hack.

On FanGameFriday, we show off Pokémon games created by our members here on PokéCommunity! This week we’ll shine the spotlight on Kanto Explorers: Through Time, an upcoming ROM hack.

Kanto Explorers: Through Time is a ROM hack based on Pokémon Crystal by Snyd.

Kanto Explorers: Through Time features the Physical/Special/Status split, Fairy-type and Running Shoes to help bring the Generation II base up to date with later games. There will also be custom soundtrack remixes and scaling levels to provide a continuous, consistent challenge.

So, what’s the story? You and your narcissistic little sister are the children of a Professor who believes he has cracked the secret to time travel in an alternate timeline of the Kanto region. Fifty years prior, Giovanni created a clone using Mew’s DNA, known as “Mew-X”, which he planned to use to destroy his uncontrollable first creation, Mewtwo. The cataclysmic showdown caused explosions and ripples through time, transforming the landscape and preventing Red from ever being born. Using the Time Shard, an item inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, you’ll travel back in time to stop Giovanni from ever creating Mew-X.

In Kanto Explorers: Through Time you’ll be able to choose between two starter Pokémon: Boltigger and Runtring! If you think you’ve seen these little guys before, it’s because you probably have. The sprite designs are re-imaginings of the prototype Pokémon from the Pokémon Gold and Silver beta that never saw the light of day (you can read more about that beta here). However, the base stats, typings and movesets are all custom, created from scratch by Snyd.

Alongside the starters, Snyd’s takes on the other prototype Pokémon will be available in the hack, which will surely make for an interesting experience. Some Pokémon will evolve differently in “future” Kanto. As well as changes to the maps, perhaps different Pokémon will inhabit the “past” and “future” versions of the region too?


This is set to be a Kanto adventure unlike any we’ve seen before. Be sure to keep an eye on this hack’s thread on the forums for progress updates, and hopefully we’ll see a release soon!