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#FeatureFriday – Monster Sanctuary

FanGameFridays is a weekly PokéCommunity feature, where we will be showcasing a fan game created by our members on PokéCommunity! Today we focus on Monster Sanctuary, an upcoming game developed by Sersch7.

In Sersch7‘s Monster Sanctuary we have a completely unique game, something that is very rare on PokéCommunity! This game is developed from scratch, rather than using a development kit such as the Pokémon Essentials or building it from an existing Pokémon game. Monster Sanctuary combines elements of monster collectingturn-based combat and Metroidvania-like exploration. Any monster you encounter can become a part of your own party. Additional monsters provide a lot of tactical options in combat or allow you to overcome certain obstacles to explore new areas. Having just released its second demo, it is currently available for download through Steam.

As the youngest heir in an ancient bloodline of proud Monster Keepers, you step out into the world to follow in your ancestors’ footsteps. You will gather a party of monsters to grow and train. Meanwhile, a series of unsettling events worries the experienced Keepers of the Monster Sanctuary. This is the beginning of a journey to unravel the cause of the mystery that threatens the peace between humans and monsters.

Every monster has a unique skill tree. This lets you individualize your monster to pursue different strategies. You can also feed and equip your monsters to improve their stats, which further emphasizes this aspect.

The combo system gives additional depth to combat. Each individual hit increases the damage of the next moves within the same combat turn. The loot system challenges you to find the quickest and most efficient way to end a battle – rewarding you with better loot based on how quickly and efficiently you win the battle. Grind and find the best combo to earn the rarest monster eggs!

Make sure you check this wonderfully unique game out and help support it on its Kickstarter page!

Interested? As well as on the Kickstarter page, watch out for news and updates on the game’s Facebook page or the developer’s Twitter page and mingle with other fans on their Discord server.

Edited by Rabinov.