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#FeatureFriday – Pokémon Orange

Ever wanted a game set in the Orange Islands? We feature a developing ROM Hack that’d be right up your alley!

On FanGameFriday, we show off Pokémon games created by our members here on PokéCommunity! Today we’ll focus on Pia Carrot’s Pokémon Orange, a ROM hack based on Pokémon Crystal set in the Orange Archipelago!

Pokémon Orange is a ROM Hack created by Pia Carrot, the much deserved winner of 2017’s Hack of the Year competition.

Set in the beloved Orange Archipelago, you’ll play through some of the anime’s most memorable events. You’ll meet fan favourites Tracey and Professor Ivy, deal with series Team Rocket troublemakers Butch and Cassidy and take on the famous Orange Crew!

You’ll also get to investigate the legend of the Crystal Onix, turn your Pokémon pink with Pinkan Berries and so much more.

Orange brings its mechanics up to date to be in line with the later generations of games. It includes features such as the Running Shoes, new HM moves Dive and Rock Climb, the Physical/Special/Status split, reusable TMs, the Fairy type, and the Pokémon Black and White Repel system. Later generation Pokémon are available to capture with beautifully devamped sprites.

Each island offers something interesting to see or do, and you’ll be rewarded for exploring. There are many hidden areas and paths accessible only by using HMs – will you be able to find them all?


Juliorain adds the following on Pokémon Orange:

Despite balancing issues, like fighting a level 11 Beedrill in only your fourth trainer battle, or Lapras being obtainable in the second city, the game’s overworld is beautifully designed. There’s lots of variety of Pokémon available overall – I had a solid team of six Pokémon just from the second city. There was an interesting amount of generation 5 music and generation 3 tiles remade into the generation 2 asethetic. This game left a solid first impression and leaves me wanting to play more!

A brand new release is in the works and coming soon. Until then, head on over to the thread, grab yourself a copy and whisk yourself off to the Orange Islands for a tropical adventure this weekend! Be sure to try out this game!

Edited by bobandbill.