March Community Day Features Treecko, Time Change

The regional time blocks for Community Day have been replaced.

The featured Pokémon for Pokémon GO‘s next Community Day has been announced to be Treecko.

The selection of the Wood Gecko Pokémon follows the pattern of alternating rare Pokémon (like last month’s Swinub) and starters (like January’s Totodile). This is the first Community Day to feature a Pokémon that originated in the Hoenn region.

As per usual, spawns of Treecko will be significantly increased during the event period, and there will be a significant chance of them being Shiny. Evolving a Treecko into Sceptile during the event period (or up to an hour afterwards) will result in Sceptile knowing a special move, assumed to be Frenzy Plant. Additionally, Eggs will hatch four times as quickly during the three-hour window, and any Lure Module placed during that time will last the full event.

In a tangent from the norm, however, the time window will change for many players. Instead of being regional, the Community Day will begin at 3 PM on Saturday, March 23, in whatever time zone your device is currently located in. This means that regardless of region, it will end at 6 PM.

In other GO related news, Latias rejoined the Raid Battle pool just under an hour ago with a chance to be Shiny, and it has now been announced that she will remain in the pool until March 1st. The Clamperl event is also still going on tomorrow. Additionally, on February 26th, you will be able to purchase a medallion that allows you to change teams, giving everyone a chance at last to switch to the correct team. phew. That’s all, for now.