Smeargle is now live on Pokémon GO

Smeargle bounces into Pokémon GO! Make sure to keep an eye out when taking photos!

Say cheese! Smeargle has bounced onto Pokémon GO and with a much more unique encounter method – photobombing! Utilising the new GO Snapshot feature, Smeargle will potentially photobomb you whilst you are taking a picture. If this happens, Smeargle will then spawn next to you in the wild, ready to catch, after you’ve finished with your photo. Chances are not very high for it to appear, so make sure to take lots of photos!

If you’re having bad luck, try swapping Pokémon (including between Shiny and non-Shiny), or turning the AR feature off and on again. Some players have had to go through hundreds of photos to see Smeargle. The icon in the bottom right hand corner will also flash three times (as opposed to once) if Smeargle has photobombed your picture.

Once captured, Smeargle will have the moves of the Pokémon which it photobombed; at the moment it requires 999,999 Candy to learn a new move. A glitch from it just being implemented, or perhaps it is intentional due to Smeargle being able to learn any move? Who knows!

Some new badges have been introduced as a result; now you can earn Photo Bomb badges for every 10, 50 and 200 encounters.

Being the first Pokémon to utilise the new feature, do you think there could be potential for more Pokémon to be found like this? Let us know your thoughts!

Thank you to Castform for the tip-off and to bobandbill for the photo!

Edited by bobandbill and Janna.