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Ranking The Pokémon Core Series Regions

From the villains it hosts to the lore of the region, each main series location is examined and ranked!

And now it’s time for the results!

Coming in Sixth Place is Kanto!

You tried your best, buddy, but not even Charizard or Giovanni could save you from last place.

Score: 39/50

Coming in Fifth Place is Alola!

I honestly had no idea Alola would be this low. I actually loved its concept!

Score: 40.5/50

Coming in Fourth Place is Hoenn!

Emerald was one of my favourite games, so this was a big surprise. I guess bias couldn’t stop me from writing what I truly feel.

Score: 41/50

Coming in Third Place are Sinnoh and Kalos!

It’s a tie between Sinnoh and Kalos simply because they did the same thing – introduce just one awesome starter, some lackluster Pokémon, and an evil team that wants to destroy the world.

Score: 42/50

Coming in Second Place is Unova!

This brought a smile to my face. Unova receives so much hate, but it really deserves this.

Score: 43/50

Coming in First Place is Johto!!

The fan-favourite Johto region takes the cake. No surprise there. Do I even need to say anything else?

Score: 44.5/50

Edited by Aldo, bobandbill, and Sheep.