Leafeon, Glaceon, a Raid Week and more coming to GO

New Lure items are the key to the location-based evolution Pokémon! Details for the Detective Pikachu Movie event have also been unearthed by a dataminer.

The Pokémon GO dataminer Chrales has tweeted new findings he made for the game. These are fairly exciting as they indicate long awaited Eeveelutions Glaceon and Leafeon will be coming to the game soon! Probopass and Magnezone will also be unlocked.

The key is the introduction of new Lures, which attract Ice-type Pokémon, Grass-type Pokémon, or Pokémon with magnetic properties to them. Being near these Lures while they work will also enable evolution of the aforementioned Pokémon. It is not yet known what else would be required for the evolutions. A Raid Week event also appears to be on the way.

Research tasks have been uncovered by Chrales as well for the announced Detective Pikachu Movie promotional event. Rewards are not yet known. This event will also introduce Shiny Aipom, increase spawns of Pokémon featured in the film, and bring a temporary change to Raid Bosses.

Which of the upcoming generation four Pokémon are you most looking forward to being added to GO?

Edited by Sheep.