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Reflecting on 20 Years of Pokémon anime!

Check out Kostas’ review of the anime as we relive the last 20 years!


After meeting Alexa, a journalist from the Kalos Region, Ash decided to travel there. Along with Serena, Clemont and Bonnie, they started travelling in Kalos, encountering new Pokémon, new evolutions and many more!

Featured characters

Ash and Serena on top of a Mamoswine!

Serena: Serena is a young girl who traveled with Ash. At first, she wasn’t sure what she wants to do with herself and what’s her goals. She later decided to become a Pokémon Performer, something similar to a Pokémon Coordinator. The only difference is that Performers must involve themselves in performances.

Clemont: Clemont is the Gym Leader of Lumiose City. He is also an inventor and he is very passionate about programming. He even made a robot (named Clembot) who is battling trainers in his Gym in his place, allowing him to travel with Ash.

Clemont with Bonnie!

Bonnie: Bonnie is Clemont’s younger sister. She is always excited to see new Pokémon. She also playfully tries to find a wife to take care of her brother, which sometimes frustrates him. She’s a cute and outgoing character.

Sawyer: Sawyer is one of Ash’s rival in the Kalos Region. He was living in Hoenn and he got his starter, Treecko from Professor Birch. His team is made from Hoenn and Kalos Pokémon!

Pokémon caught by Ash

Ash’s Hawlucha and Froakie!

Episode 801, Lumiose City Pursuit!: On the previous episode and when Ash arrived in Kalos,Team Rocket was battling him and Ash couldn’t win due to Team Rocket’s Wobbuffet. Then a Froakie saved them from Team Rocket. This Froakie was given to new trainers but it left from all the trainers it was given to. On the end episode, Froakie wanted to join Ash’s team and Ash accepted!

Episode 802, A Battle of Aerial Mobillity!: Ash encountered a Fletchling and he thought it would be a good addition to his team. After a battle between Froakie and Fletchling, Ash successfully caught it!

Episode 834, The Forest Champion!: On their way to Shalour City, the group encountered a Hawlucha who bravely battled a bully Ursaring. Ash helped it to master its signature attack, Flying Press and he battled it with Froakie. At the end of the battle, both Pokémon fainted but Hawlucha joined Ash’s team.

Ash’s Noibat!

Episode 854, A Slippery Encounter: A Goomy fell from the sky and landed on Ash’s head. Then Team Rocket showed up and Goomy sent them flying with Bide. Ash is surprised by Goomy’s power and he offered it a place on his team while Goomy happily accepted!

Episode 875, A Not-So-Flying Start!: Hawlucha found an egg and informed Ash. Fletchinder’s abillity Flame Body helped the egg to hatch into a Noibat, who happily joined Ash’s team!

Pokémon Evolved

Ash’s Talonflame!

Episode 835, Battles in the Sky!: Ash was having an aerial battle with his Fletching against another trainer’s Talonflame. During the battle, Fletchling evolved into Fletchinder and learned Flame Charge.

Episode 851, A Stealthy Challenge!: Ash’s Froakie evolved into Frogadier when Ash and his ninja friend Sanpei were battling a masked ninja and it learned Aerial Ace!

Episode 860, An Oasis of Hope!: Goomy challenged a Grumpig who was stealing food from a group of Spoink. Ash leaped in the battle and Goomy evolved into Sliggoo and learned Dragon Breath to protect Ash!

Ash, Pikachu and Goodra!

Episode 864, Good Friends, Great Training!: Team Rocket came after Pikachu but Sliggoo protected it. When their robot exploded, it started a big fire and Sliggoo evolved into Goodra. It helped with a Rain Dance and learned Dragon Pulse!

Episode 885, A Legendary Photo OP!: Ash and his friends met with Moltres. Its thought that the group was an enemy to it and it started attacking. Ash’s chose Fletchinder to help defend him, who evolved into Talonflame and learned Brave Bird!

Episode 899, A Festival of Decisions!: Ash and Sanpei were battling a ninja named Heidayu and his Bisharp. Suddenly Ash’s Frogadier evolved into Greninja and learned Water Shuriken!

Episode 909, An Electrifying Rage!: Ash encountered one more legendary Pokémon, this time a Zapdos. He used Hawlucha to battle it but Hawlucha lost and was falling from a high place. Noibat started flying towards Hawlucha and evolved into Noivern, allowing it to save Hawlucha. It learned Boomburst as well.

Important moments

Greninja’s special abillity!

On episode 893, “From A to Z!”, The group met a green small Pokémon. The Pokédex had no data about this and Bonnie decided to keep it and named it Squishy. This turned out to be a Zygarde Core. It even transformed to its 100% forme in episode 935, “Forming a More Perfect Union”.

Ash’s Greninja had a special Ability known as Bond Phenomenon. It’s something similar to Mega Evolution but it doesn’t require an item. Greninja even got a large Water Shuriken on its back upon evolving.

Pokémon released

Ash’s last hug with Greninja.

Episode 869, Beyond the Rainbow! Ash and his friends came across to Goodra’s old home. Ash decided it was better for it to stay with its friends, so he released it.

Episode 938, Facing the Needs of the Many!: Lysandre tried to end this world. For some unclear reason, Ash’s Greninja could sense all the negative energy that’s coming from the ground in Kalos. The group met Squishy who asked Greninja to help him protect Kalos. Greninja and Ash accepted this so he released it.

Best battles

Ash and Greninja using their abillity!

Episode 921, A Real Icebreaker!: Ash challenged Wulfric to a rematch battle because he lost his first one. Ash’s first Pokémon was Pikachu and Wulfric’s was Bergmite. Pikachu got hit with an Icy wind and then with a Rapid Spin right after Sharpen, but Pikachu overcame it it with an Iron Tail. Wulfric’s next Pokémon was Avalugg, who defeated Pikachu with Stone Edge. Ash chose Talonflame for his next Pokémon, who knocked out Avalugg with one Steel Wing and two Flame Charge. Wulfric’s next Pokémon in Abomasnow knocked out Talonflame with a Wood Hammer right after an Ice Shard. Ash’s remaining Pokémon was Greninja. Greninja hit Abomasnow with Aerial Ace and Water Shuriken but Abomasnow replied with Wood Hammer. Greninja tried to block this but got trapped inside some ice. Thanks to the Bond Phenomenon, Greninja transformed into Ash-Greninja. However Wulfric and Abamosnow could Mega Evolve and that’s what they did. After a great battle, Greninja won with Aerial Ace!

Episode 926, and 927 “Analysis Versus Passion!”, and “A Riveting Rivarly”: The semi-final battle in the Kalos league between Ash and Sawyer was about to start. Sawyer’s first Pokémon was Slaking while Ash chose Hawlucha. Hawlucha attacked many times but Slaking had a very good defense and knocked out Hawlucha with Counter. Ash’s next Pokémon, Talonflame was able to defeat Slaking with a Steel Wing, Flame Charge and finally, Brave Bird. Sawyer’s second Pokémon, Clawitzer, beat Talonflame with Ice Beam and Aqua Jet.

Ash’s Greninja against Sawyer’s Sceptile!

Ash chose Pikachu who defeated Clawitzer with Electro Ball and Thunderbolt. Pikachu then knocked out Aegislash with a Thunderbolt. Next, Sawyer chose Salamence and Ash chose Noivern. Both Pokémon fainted at the same time while using Dragon Rush and Acrobatics. Ash’s next Pokémon was Goodra, who came back just for the league. Sawyer’s pick was Slurpuff. Again, both Pokémon fainted at the same time while Goodra used Bide and Slurpuff Fairy Wind. Sawyer’s final Pokémon was Sceptile who defeated Pikachu with Frenzy Plant and the final battle was Sceptile against Greninja. Sawyer Mega Evolved his Sceptile while Ash’s Greninja had its Bond Phenomenon activated. Greninja was repeatedly cornered by Sceptile’s Frenzy Plant but later in the battle it found an opening, by using Double Team and finishing the battle with Water Shuriken.

League position: Runner-up