Pokémon GO Easter Event Announced!

Pokémon GO’s very first Easter event is now here, and you can start playing it today! Reports indicate you can now hatch the second generation Starter Pokémon too.

Pokémon GO’s Easter Event has been revealed. Here are the full details, as posted to the official Pokémon website!

From April 13 through April 20, 2017, look forward to a bundle of Egg-themed promos in Pokémon GO. A greater variety of Pokémon can now be found in 2 km Eggs. And when any of your precious Eggs hatches, you’ll be rewarded with more Candy. Plus, Lucky Eggs will be 50% off in the in-game shop. You’ll also earn double XP for all activities during this time.


PokéCommunity Daily actually speculated the details of this event only a few days ago as of this news being announced, and it does seem like we got some of the details right, including egg distances (technically in this case, since it’s more of a switch over) being cut to make Pokémon easier to hatch. However, will this be a permanent change, or just temporary for the Easter event? Data miners will soon be able to tell us…


Players have recorded current hatches during the event. Notably, AerodactyalGirafarig, LarvitarWobbuffet, Scyther, Miltank, Lapras and Skarmory hatch from 2 km Eggs, among others. Furthermore, players have found Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita from 5 km Eggs!

Egg hatching is also easier thanks to recent updates allowing you to see the dates of Eggs you acquired. Remember, you won’t get rare hatches from 2 km Eggs obtained before the event has started.

Are you excited for this event? We hope you will enjoy the event. Happy hatching!

Edited by bobandbill and Jake.