Pokémon GO blocks location-spoofing on Android 7.1

To who like to GO and spoof — your GPS cheating might stop working in the future.

Heads up to those who like to GO — if you’ve been cheating by using a location-spoofing app to pretend you were in Australia to catch Kangaskhan, your future phone (or software update) might stop you!

Android 7.1, available on the Google Pixel and Nexus phones and rolling out to more and more Android devices, flags the use of location-spoofing apps, allowing location-based apps to detect if another app is manipulating the location the user appears to be at. Already particularly controversial amongst Pokémon GO circles, Niantic shows they’re well aware, and have already made use of the API change. This means that Pokémon GO on Android 7.1 will be made aware if the user’s location is being spoofed — and GO simply refuses to use the phone’s apparent location:

Steelix does not care for your mock location. antonio_inklingclub / TheSilphRoad subreddit

So even if your phone has stopped receiving Android updates or maybe won’t receive the 7.1 update for a while, once you get that update or brand new phone, it’s going to be that little bit harder to spoof and cheat with Pokémon GO (or any of your other nefarious intents with GPS spoofing).


Thanks to Achromatic for the tip!
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