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A guide to beginning Pokémon fangame development in RMXP

An overview of the basic principles of fangame design using the Pokémon Essentials mod for RPG Maker XP.


This may have left a lot out. Pokémon Essentials is a broad topic that’s difficult to cover in a single article, and as such there will be subsequent tutorials exploring each topic in more depth. Next time, we’ll be exploring the Editor.exe program included with Essentials, which is used to modify game settings that can’t be accessed through RPG Maker – which includes Pokémon Trainers, wild encounters, weather, map metadata, and much else. Stick around for that and more!

PokéCommunity is a great home for aspiring fangame developers, and both resources and support are plentiful there. If you’re interested, check out the Game Development section and its accompanying subforums to get advice, find tools and scripts, get help with development, check out other games, and discuss ideas.

Always remember that other developers won’t always drop what they’re doing to help you out. This is your personal adventure through the land of game design and development, not theirs. While you may be getting help or even forming a team, remember that you should never be afraid of learning how to do stuff on your own. Take the time to understand what you’re doing, create a plan for your game, and don’t be afraid to try new and innovative ideas. Your game could just be the next big one.


Edited by M3rein, SirBoglor and Volpe Artica.