[Updated] Ash Hat Pikachu event in Pokémon GO

Catch it during the few weeks! An anniversary box has also been included in the in-game shop.

To celebrate the first anniversary of Pokémon GO, an Ash Hat Pikachu shall be released today until July 24th 2017. An Anniversary Box will also be included in the in-game shop. The box will feature:

  • 6 Incubators,
  • 6 Max Revives,
  • 20 Ultra Balls,
  • 2 Premium Raid Passes

and costs… 1,200 coins. Is the anniversary box worth buying? The only items that can only be bought (Incubators and Premium Raid Passes) cost 1,100 coins normally, so it’s essentially 100 coins for the other items that can be found from PokéStops. The savings are not that great, and given the rather high entry price it may be considered somewhat disappointing.

Are you intent on getting more Pikachu with a fancy new hat? Currently the event is live but Ash Hat Pikachu is not yet appearing – hang tight until an issue is resolved involving it. Update: it now appears as it should.

In other news, a new live event has been announced for Chester, UK on the 22nd and 23rd of July. This coincides with the GO Fest in Chicago. Could more location-specific events be on their way for that weekend?

We’ll update as news comes in.