PokéCommunity Daily is recruiting – join us!

Want to write for Daily and get staff perks? Send in an application! Team Break masks not included.

We’re searching for more writers and editors to join the PokéCommunity Daily team.

In particular, we’re searching for the following (but we’ll accept applications of all sorts):

  • Guides – Sinnoh games are on the way, and people will want advice on navigating the region. Guides remain a popular type of article, and no doubt there’ll be more that can be used for both the remakes and Legends: Arceus. Unite has just come out as well – maybe you have a killer strategy to share! But one can do guides outside of the games too. Articles on TCG strategies, or guides on creative works such as art or making fangames, tend to view highly on Daily. If any of these interest you, consider sharing your tips and tricks here!
  • Fan Work Features – We want to feature all the cool stuff on PokéCommunity! That includes art, stories and fan games/ROM hacks as part of our #FeatureFriday highlights on Daily and social media platforms! This can also extend to discussions or features of useful techniques and tools. If this is up your alley, you should apply!
  • Opinions – More than just the news – what do you think of it? Or what does PC on the whole think of something, for that matter? Speculation articles are another aspect we welcome. Do you have some speculation about the upcoming games, or the current anime series?
  • Headlines – We need people who will be keeping an eye out for any Pokémon news (big or small) and posting about it. Speed is of the essence, as these articles will need to be posted as soon as possible.
  • Creative articles – Anything is fair game here, whether it’s recipes, a review of towns in the games, to a guide on husbands! (No, really.)

We have a variety of other positions which may not be covered by the above here. It’s possible that upon reviewing your application we decide that you may be suitable for one of those too. You can apply solely for these other positions – however our focus will primarily be on those which cover the types of articles above. If you are interested and would like to apply, please find below a link with more information on the application process. Pitching ideas for or even writing articles throughout the application season will work wonders for you!

A reminder too: you can write for Daily without being staff! You won’t get the perks of the staff rank, but you also won’t have to worry about how often you write, and instead do things at your leisure.

Applications close by the end of August; direct any questions to the Daily team!

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