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Making Brock’s Jelly Filled Donuts!

Find out how to make the jelly donuts eaten by Brock from the Pokémon anime!

Have you ever wondered how to make the oh so famous “jelly donuts” from the Pokémon anime? Well now after today’s article you will know how to make them at home! This article was inspired by “Making Real Life Pokémon Curry” by Couples-Consoling. As many fans may know, when 4Kids were the ones behind the English Dub of the first season of the Pokémon anime, they had changed the rice ball eaten by Brock to a jelly donut.

There are two YouTube videos down below which show off how you can make them yourself. One video is by Binging with Babish. His channel is known for replicating iconic dishes from various mediums such as anime and TV shows, such as The Sims and King of the Hill. The other video is by Anime Kitchen. This channel is similar to Babish’s, in that they try to not only recreate but come up with their own way to create dishes from various anime shows. Some anime shows they’ve replicated dishes from are Food Wars and Lucky Star.

After watching these videos, what do you guys think of making these at your own home?

All credit for the recipes go to the original creators. This is not my own creation or idea!

Thanks to Anime Kitchen and Binging with Babish for the YouTube videos.
Edited by bobandbill and Rabinov.