Sync Pair Review: How Good is Professor Oak and Mew?

“Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Oak! People call me the Pokémon Prof!”

Professor Oak and Mew came out as a sync pair on February 14th, as a free sync pair that any player can get, simply by logging in. So, as a sync pair that came available for free, how good is Professor Oak and Mew?

Stats, Moves and Passive Abilities

Professor Oak and Mew comes as a 3-star Tech character, with a weakness to Bug.

Stats: (Un-promoted, Level 120)
HP: 420
ATK: 280
DEF: 280
Sp. ATK: 280
Sp. DEF: 280
Speed: 280
Bulk: 712


  • Swift: Never Misses
  • X Speed: Sharply raises the user’s Speed
  • Psychic: Small Chance to lower the target’s Sp. Def
  • A World of Dreams!: Sharply Raises Sp. Atk, Drastically raises either the user’s Attack, Defense, Sp. Def, Speed, accuracy, or evasiveness.
  • Sync Move: Pokémon Professor Psychic

Passive Abilities:

  • Superduper Effective 1: Powers up moves that are super effective
  • Unfortuitous 9: Lowers the target’s Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Speed, accuracy, or evasiveness at random when an attack is successful
  • Oak’s Research: Replaces some of the user’s moves with different moves after using a sync move (Changes move set to Psychic, Blizzard, Fire Blast and Thunder).

While Professor Oak and Mew have an average special attack stat, it has the highest bulk in the game (712) and has the highest total stats of any sync pair released so far. The main gimmicks of this sync pair is to lower the stats of each of the enemy’s sync pairs thanks to the unfortuitous 9 passive with Swift. Swift can hit all enemy foes on he field, and each pokemon hit will have their stats lowered. You should also raise Oak and Mew’s stats using A World of Dreams!, and then use their sync move as soon as possible. Thanks to the Oak’s Research passive ability, their move set will be changed to Psychic, Blizzard, Fire Blast and Thunder, allowing the pair to attack with elemental coverage. Plus, if the pair manages to hit their target with one of their moves, the target will have one of their stats lowered at random, thanks to the Unfortuitous passive ability, making it viable for some co-op fights as well.

Sync Grid

There’s no wrong way on building Mew’s sync grid. Choose whatever ability and stat boost that you would want to have! There some passives and boosts that are recommended however, like Swift: Move Gauge Refresh 3, if you want to use Swift often to lower the foe’s stats. Each time the move is used, it will have a chance to replenish the move gauge as well. You can also choose accuracy boosts for the elemental moves that Mew will have after using its sync move. For example, you can increase Blizzard’s accuracy by 20. Natural Remedy is another useful passive ability. Once per battle, it removes all status conditions from the user when the user is inflicted by any status condition. Dirty Fighting 3 powers up moves when the move’s target or targets are affected by a status condition. You can pair this up with Hostile Environment 1, which raises the chance of inflicting status conditions with the additional effects of moves like the added burn affliction from Fire Blast.

Team Synergy

Support sync pairs like Main Character with Torchic, Roxanne with Nosepass, and Rosa with Serperior are synergistic with Oak and Mew because they all have the ability to raise the pair’s special attack during battle.

Example Team:

With this team, Nosepass can also raise defense while shielding Mew from AoE moves, and Rosa can replenish the move gauge. One can also use Torchic, who can also raise Oak and Mew’s critical hit rate. The newly released Sygna Suit Elesa and Rotom can help Oak and Mew by reducing the sync move countdown, for those who want to use the sync pair move as soon as possible.


Overall, Professor Oak and Mew is a pretty good non-gacha pair to have as part of your teams. It is especially strong, as a Tech character to take advantage of a foe’s weakness while lowering their stats at the same time. However, one might find that more heavy hitting characters such as Olivia, Red, even Giovanni and Mewtwo are more useful in co-op in most respects because they have more DPS. Although Oak and Mew are no pushovers in damage, and have great bulk too. Try and get Professor Oak and Mew to their highest level to take advantage of their overall stats, and you will not be disappointed!

Edited by: bobandbill and Rivvon