The last episode of Generations is now live!

In which Sycamore exists, there are dramatic readings, and AZ is a boss.

Pokémon’s official YouTube page has published the 18th and final episode of the mini-series Pokémon Generations. This one is subtitled “The Redemption”.

Ever wondered what the spectators at the endgame scene of the Kalos games (which almost certainly numbered more than the NPCs in said games) were thinking when some 9 foot dude walks down the red carpet? This episode displays these events, from the perspective of a young girl (who totally looks like Serena) attending the crowning ceremony. We also get a bonus dramatic reading of the story of AZ and the great war. Here is the episode:

So that’s it for Generations. What did you think of the episode? What did you think of the series as a whole? Did you learn what a Trainer is? Tell us in the comments thread!