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Generations Episode 14 released

In which Liepard is way stronger than it should be, Drayden is even more of a boss than usual, and Colress has a magical floating boat with ice cannons.

“I’ll use the power of science to draw out your true power.” – Colress

Yet another episode of the greatest Pokémon Youtube mini-series of 2016 has arrived, and it starts off with a bang (and then a couple more bangs). I am aware that it is a Wednesday and not a Friday, but Nintendo likes to run on its own schedule. I’m not complaining.

This episode, entitled “The Frozen World”, retells the siege of Opelucid City from Black 2 and White 2. It focuses on Sage Zinzolin, who leads the attack from the ground while Colress prepares the sky attack. What matters here is that Colress is in it and there is a huge flying boat with ice cannons of awesomeness.

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