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PokéCommunity Get-Together 2022 is now live!

Celebrating 20 years of PC, the theme is about the past… and the future.

The event of the year is here – the 2022 edition of the PokéCommunity Get-Together! Get-Together, or GT for short, is a series of events and competitions, typically pitting teams of members against each other. And this is a special one, as it’s the 20th anniversary of the PokéCommunity website!

This year we have a theme of past versus future, which is also a theme of the upcoming generation nine titles Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. And as this year’s GT is in October, the teams and art draws upon Halloween and Day of the Dead. We even came up with our own lore…

The Shackled Arqueros, Scions of the Past.
The Shadowed Guerreros, the Flames of the Future.


…there is a special time for the PokéCommunity. Every 20 years, on the anniversary of the PokéCommunity’s formation, the barrier between the world of the spirits and the mortal realm is at its thinnest. It is only during this time that people can pass from one side to the other. It is only during this time that higher beings can reach beyond the veil and impart their blessings upon us.

Of course, such blessings are not free and these entities will not give such boons if enough spirits do not pass into their waiting grasp. Furthermore, not everyone wishes for the same blessings and only so much can pass through the barrier, even at this time. So it was that a festival was established – the Get-Together, where mortals can ask for blessings and give themselves to the world of spirits to obtain them.

Every 20 years, the clans of PokéCommunity compete for the honour of having some of their membership ascend to join the spirits and beseech their deity for its blessings. The Shackled Arqueros ask for the wrongs of the past to be righted, while the Shadowed Guerreros ask for good fortune in the future. Neither will concede to the other. So it is that the competition begins anew as a new Get-Together is upon us…

The GT runs from the 9th to the 23d of October on both the forums and Discord. Events ranges from multiplayer online games, to daily puzzles and quizzes, to art and writing contests. Earn points – even just by participating – to help your team win!

To get started, do the quiz to be assigned to a team! Then you can join the GT channel on PC’s Discord, and check out the forum section for this year’s GT!

Artwork by Fairy. Banner by aquacorde and Sheep.
Edited by Arcaneum.