Guess that new Pokémon with Gym Leader and Streamer Iono

It’s another more imaginative trailer reveal of a new Pokémon – more to come!

Another new Pokémon has been teased for the generation nine titles Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. We only have a description to go on, but we did get quite the video for it! Meet Iono, an Electric-type Gym Leader, who also streams. Just don’t turn the volume up too high if you’re in a public space.

Iono describes her Partner Pokémon as:

  • Squishy
  • Sluggish, but easygoing
  • Has two big bumps on its heads that people mistake for eyes
  • Not Magnemite
  • Electric-type
  • Its body expands and contracts to generate electricity
  • Cute

What do you think it looks like given the above clues? And what do you think of Iono?

Edited by Zach.