Lugia reappears unannounced in Pokémon GO

A surprise, or an oversight? Meanwhile, Charizard can learn Blast Burn when evolved during the Community Day event this month.

Lugia has reappeared in Raid Battles around the world in Pokémon GO. This comes as a surprise as it was not announced anywhere officially, instead observed by multiple players when the Pokémon Showdown event ended today. It has not removed Latios or Latias from Level 5 Raids (depending on your region), but rather is a second option. Lugia still has a chance to be Shiny as well. However, it may have only reappeared for a few hours; we’ll update when this is confirmed by further reports.

Both a Lugia and Latias in Raid Battles!

Meanwhile, Blast Burn has been confirmed as the special move for Community Day Charizard, occurring this Saturday worldwide, provided you evolve a Charmeleon during the event hours. This move is an improvement over any other Charge move Charizard can learn, and will prove useful to players when Regice and Registeel will likely eventually appear in Raid Battles.

Do you think Lugia reappearing like this is intentional, or perhaps a weird oversight given the change of Raid Bosses once the Showdown event ended? If it is confirmed to be removed later, it would be safe to assume it was a mistake.

Edited by Jake.