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PokéCommunity Daily is hiring!

PokéCommunity Daily are on the lookout for more writers. Could it be you?

It’s that time again! We’re looking for more budding writers to join the team here at PokéCommunity Daily. We’ve a variety of positions available, including:

Headline writer

We need people who will be keeping an eye out for any Pokémon news (big or small) and posting about it. Speed is of the essence, as these articles will need to be posted as soon as possible. This will cover the Pokémon franchise in its entirety, so expect to be writing about anything from Pokémon GO, to new Pokémon toys and merchandise to the Video Game Championships. As a headline writer you will be expected to write the article as soon as you are aware of the announcement and then liaise with the Social Media Team to also push this onto our Social Media platforms.

Pokémon Anime writer

Are you watching the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime? If so, here’s an opportunity to cover the episodes as they air! We are looking for writers to put together various articles regarding the anime series, from episode synopses, speculation articles and much more!

Editorials writer

We’re searching far and wide for more content covering issues or highlights across the Pokémon franchise, as well as your speculation or opinions on these events. This is great for someone who wants to start writing but doesn’t know where to start, because the possibilities are endless!

Battling writer

Calling all competitive battlers! We’re looking for writers to put out battling articles that could be ranging from team showcases, ladder challenges and speculation about the up and coming USUM metagame!

Fan Games writer

Looking into the Fan Games area of PokéCommunity, writers will be putting together content which highlights different fan games, as well as some tips and tutorials to show you how to make your very own. Fan games writers can also write previews odup and coming fan games, as well as reviews of released titles.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Not too sure on any of the above, but still want to join Daily? Don’t worry, we are also looking for writers to pitch in for USUM. As before we’re going to be offering readers guides on all the new features coming up. If you would like to help with guides, this is a great chance for you to reach out! Our Sun and Moon guides helped hundreds of thousands of people! You’ll be working alongside the other Daily writers with a project such as this – it’s a team effort! Here are a few examples of guides we have produced:

We do have a variety of other positions which may not be listed here. It’s possible that upon reviewing your application we decide that you may be suitable for one of those too. You can apply solely for these other positions too – however our focus will primarily be on those listed above. If you are interested and would like to apply, please find below a link with more information on the application process. Pitching ideas for or even writing articles throughout the application season will work wonders for you! Applications close on Sunday 29th October; direct any questions to the Daily team!

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