Jump to the Max: Magikarp Jump Advanced Strategy Guide!

Get the most air out of your sweet jumps in record time with this Magikarp Jump Strategy Guide!

Hello everyone! This guide will focus on beating the game in the fastest way possible, based on my experience in the game. Some things will change, as new information is released or as I see fit. This is a guide for those who want to get the most out of their game or are looking for some tips to improve their gameplay. Some of these strategies may not fit the likes of very casual players, but may answer some questions. If you’re new to the game, you may want to hop along and read Soapy’s Magikarp Jump Guide and even play a little before jumping into this one, so you have an idea of how Magikarp Jump works. Without further ado, let’s begin.

If you’re far into the game, starting over may be a good option. There’s an optimal strategy but it has the most potential when you don’t buy new berries.

The game provides you with two ways to increase your Magikarp’s Jump Power, or JP for short. One is by doing a training session, which you can do a maximum of 3 times and wait until it refreshes (30 minutes). The other, more optimal method is by eating the Berries that spawn in your pond. Once you’ve eaten all the Berries, one will spawn every 3 seconds. Therefore eating the Berry before another one spawns is the fastest way to gain JP, as you will be gaining as much if not more JP as a training session (once your Berries have been upgraded sufficiently) every 3 seconds.

The Two Berries Strategy

Berry Friend #2 – Sitrus!
Berry Friend #1 – Oran!

When you start a new game, you’ll have two Berries: Oran Berry and Sitrus Berry. When your pond is empty, the weakest Berry will always spawn (in this case, the Oran Berry). Normally this means you are getting a Berry with extremely low JP to spawn every few seconds, but if you upgrade until it has a higher JP than the Sitrus Berry, then the Sitrus Berry will be the weakest, and thus it will be the first to spawn when the pond is empty. To combat this fluctuation and therefore optimise your JP gain with each Berry spawn, upgrade the two Berries to a similar JP level to one another. This way, you are minimising the difference between each Berry and receiving the maximum amount of JP with each spawn.

These Berries are the two you will want to keep and upgrade.

The reason this is easier if you start over is that you only have to worry about upgrading two Berries. Therefore you’re minimising your Coin spending. This is really hard to do when you have more Berries, and requires more Coins to upgrade each one to keep them at the same level. If you do not wish to restart the game, you can apply this principle even if you have many Berries and still get the most out of the game.

Getting new Berries such as these will impede your progress – don’t buy them!

How do I spend my diamonds!?

Fear not, at first it may seem confusing because of all the options, but if you’re following this guide or doing a similar procedure, then the options are quite clear.

Shaymin Planter

Adorable AND useful!

This neat little decoration gives you a bonus of JP from food +14%, what’s there to think about? This will improve your experience gained from every Berry you eat. This coupled with things such as Manaphy Fever means you’ll be raking in huge Jump Points in no time!




See if you can eat more food than this support Pokémon!

Our buddy Snorlax here gives you 10 Berries every time you use him, and has a cooldown that lasts 50 minutes. Now, that may not sound like much to start off with, but imagine 10 maxed out Berries at once. That said, you can skip Snorlax if you want. I do not think it is absolutely necessary to get him, but it will most definitely improve your experience, for a small investment.


Coins and how to get them

I will not elaborate much into this since the game is very clear about how to get coins, but here are some things you may have overlooked.

Golden Poké Ball

Golden Poké Balls everywhere!

When your Magikarp hits level 5, a golden Poké Ball will spawn in your pond. You get one of these every 5 levels (5, 10, 15, etc.). Now, your instinct would be to open these, but you can maximize the coins you get, by keeping them until you get a Magikarp with a bonus in coins.

When you fish up a new Magikarp, you will see two bonuses: one is the motivation bonus – that is decided by the amount of retired Magikarps and Leagues completed – and the other one is the individual bonus. This is your Magikarp’s special bonus. Sometimes you’ll see they have a bonus in coins. When you get one of those, open the Poké Balls and the coins you receive from them will be increased, due to your Magikarp’s bonus in coins.

You can avoid opening Poké Balls by accident when you try to tap Berries by tapping elsewhere on the screen and sliding your finger over the Berries. Magikarp will eat the berries and none of the Poké Balls will be opened, allowing you to save them for later!

Coins from League Battles

Every won battle nets you some coins. You can also purposefully retire your Magikarp even if you can beat the league, so that you can fight every battle again and gain more coins.

TIP: I’ve noticed that events don’t trigger when your Magikarp is at max level and forced to battle. Therefore, you should max your Magikarp just before the last battle (if you need it). Otherwise, you’ll miss out on coins from potential Events that can occur after each battle!


This is merely up to you and how you’re playing the game, but there are many other ways to get coins:

The Lampent Lamp gives you a bonus of 29% in level up coins, the S.S. Anne Model gives you a 69% more of coins from sunken treasure, Sunflora Bunch gives you 28% in coins from events, and Meowth/Rowlet give you coins as well.

But what if I don’t want to be eating Berries every 3 seconds?

In theory, you could apply the same principle but instead of upgrading the Berries, you upgrade the training tools. Keep only the first two and buy decorations to increase the JP from training (e.g. Aegislash Statue). This works if you don’t want to rush into the game and prefer a more casual approach. Remember to upgrade Piplup as much as you can if you do it this way, due to Piplup’s ability to refresh training points and therefore increase your net JP gain.

Have any advanced tips of your own? Share them in the comments!

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