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Getting Your Hands on a Hoenn Husband

If you find yourself traveling back to Hoenn, be sure to keep this guide to the local husbands handy!

Although many Trainers are currently congregating in Alola, most of them have stopped in the flowery region of Hoenn first. Like any other region, Hoenn features its own selection of Good Husbands, some part of a generic Trainer Class, and others more individual. Regardless, if you would like a refresher on the qualities needed to produce a Good Husband, please make your way to the Alolan husbands guide. Once you are acquainted with the features necessary to be considered a Good Husband, rejoin us as we detail the husbands available in the wonderfully warm Hoenn!

Trainer Classes

The elusive Dragon Tamer handles Dragon-Types and Dragon-like Pokémon. They may be few and hard to find, but the payoff is worth it. They are strong Trainers with a unique style, perfect for anyone who enjoys the company of a handsome, determined man. They are easiest to find in Meteor Falls, but rarely appear in other similarly-dangerous areas, such as Victory Road. Be prepared with Ice- and Dragon-Types, and if you have access to them, Fairy-Types as well, to make sure you’re ready to tame these Tamers!

If a gentle, caring Trainer is more your style, the Pokémon Breeder class is definitely one to look into. Nurturing by nature, Breeders know how to take care of Pokémon—and you, too! Make your way to Route 117 (you’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the Day Care) and you can register a delightful Breeder in your Poké Nav’s Trainer’s Eyes app, or the Trainer AreaNav function in your Poké Nav Plus. Be sure to challenge him to rematches often in order to show him just how successful you are at raising your own team—it’s sure to impress him!

For anyone looking for a hard rocker, fret not! Your journey across Hoenn may lead you to some Guitarists. These passionate performers are plugged-in and ready to rock with their Electric-Type accompanists, so keep that in mind when planning your course of attack. But a word of caution: nobody wants to be without love. So while Hoenn Guitarists tend to be highly wanted, take some time to know them beneath their wild-in-the-streets facade. Instead of giving love a bad name by valuing them only for their musical accomplishments, really see eye-to-eye with them. Give it a shot: the person you find may just be someone you’ll never want to say goodbye to.

You’ll be feeling sky-high with the final Trainer Class on our list: the majestic Bird Keeper! Your heart will soar when you see their slick style and and dedication to their beloved bird Pokémon. Find them across the region and come prepared with an Electric-, Ice-, or Rock-Type to clip your way into his heart. Be prepared to face a variety of bird-like Pokémon in a variety of routes; it may be challenging, but like bird taming, the payoff is quite worthwhile! 

Honorable Mentions

Our honorable mentions go to the leaders of the nefarious teams who plague Hoenn with their extreme ideals, Maxie and Archie

Team Magma Leader Maxie
Team Aqua Leader Archie

If you prefer the more calm and calculating-type husbands (with the added bonus of wearing glasses!), then Maxie would be your boss of choice. For those who go for the more rough-and-tumble beefcake kind of guys, you’ll probably have your eyes on Archie. But while they certainly embody their archetypes to a T, they find themselves as honorable mentions at best. The reason for this is as clear as the skies in Maxie’s wonderland: their ideologies are just too extreme.

If you, dear reader, are someone who hates the grating heat but loves a guy in glasses, not only do you have great taste in men, but you also wouldn’t get along well with Maxie, who wants to scorch the seas off the planet. If you like your men buff and ready to wrestle a whale, but prefer the May flowers over April showers, you, too, have good taste, but wouldn’t want to live in Archie’s la-la land.

There is the slight possibility of bringing these men to their senses, but that seems easier said than done. But if your ideal weather matches up with your leader of choice, there’s certainly nothing stopping you from joining their respective team to get closer to them! An anonymous tip has told us that there’s a secret hideout of sorts located just along the outskirts of Lilycove City, just past some guy trying to train a group of Wailmer. You may want to try your luck if either of these men seem up your alley.

(Note: We at the PokéCommunity Daily do not endorse joining evil teams or causing trouble for others. Please use great discretion when deciding to join an evil team.) 

The Best Husbands of Hoenn!

Hoenn is a region well-known for transcending universes. Because our readers come from all sorts of universes, we have organized the best of the best husbands into groups based on which universe (or universes) you can find them in.

The Emerald Universe


If you reside in a universe with a Battle Frontier, you reside in the “Emerald Universe.” Make no mistake: while you cannot achieve Mega Evolution, you can come across some superb husbands, including the Battle Factory Head, Noland. Noland is mature, handsome, and values learning through not only study, but hands-on experience. The Battle Factory is always a fun challenge, and the prospect of meeting Noland only makes it more enticing. If you’re looking for a man who’s able to work well in a variety of situations, Noland is your man! Make sure to study up on which Pokémon do well and synergize together, and cross your fingers for some good luck, too, so you can make your way to a battle with Noland and impress him with your knowledge!




While haughty people can generally be seen as annoying, they have a certain charm if they can tone their conceitedness down a notch when proven to be beat. This is the case for the handsome and extravagant Dome Ace Tucker, who loves when you scream his name but can admit defeat with grace. If you train a well-balanced team and conjure up some impressive tactics, you should be able to rack up a sizeable record to grant you a battle with the fabulous Tucker.


Suave, romantic, handsome, and elegant: all synonyms for the Gym Leader Juan. While he does exist in other universes, he is much easier to find in the ones where he is the Gym Leader of the Sootopolis City Gym. By challenging the Gyms of the region, you’ll inevitably cross paths with Juan. Because he always sports a Whiscash on his team, Grass-Types are the most effective to assert your dominance, although having backup Electric-Types doesn’t hurt against his other team members. He also adores adulation, so be sure to pile on the compliments even after washing away his team—finish it off by adding him in your Poké Nav, and you’re on your way to obtaining more than just the Rain Badge!

The Mega Universe


If you live in the universe in which a war broke out in Kalos approximately 3000 years ago, you’ll notice a few things: one is that you can achieve Mega Evolution with certain Pokémon. Two is that Flygon is not one of those Pokémon. This is where Aarune comes in. Although he was born in Unova, he’s a Hoenn-bound Secret Base™ Expert®. It’s hard to not find charm in his passionate personality, while his slightly unkempt appearance makes him immediately recognizable as the adventurous type. And as a Secret Base Expert®, he is able to get you started with your own Secret Base, which comes with the added benefit of inviting your Secret Pals in to share with you their Special Skills. With enough dedication, you can earn yourself a Platinum-confirmed rank for your base, and you may be able to convince Aarune to be your Secret Pal, too!

Both Universes


In either universe you can find the Dewford Town Gym Leader, Brawly. While he looks much more like a surfer in the Mega Universe, he is a rather gnarly bro no matter where you go. Like Juan, you’re sure to encounter Brawly so long as you challenge the Hoenn Gym system. He specializes in Fighting-Type Pokémon, so Fairy-Types, if you have access to them, are very helpful in your battle against him. If not, Psychic- or Flying-Types will help as well. He enjoys working out quite a bit, so once you defeat him, you can offer to hit the gym with him as a way to develop an initial bond. Afterwards, you can try to participate in his other hobbies, such as surfing and training in pitch-black caves, with him to grow even closer. He’s sure to be supportive of whatever you try!


Depending on which universe you’re in, the Sootopolitan Wallace may stand as Gym Leader or Champion, but he’s fabulous regardless. It’s hard to take your eyes off his elegant movements and his outfits certainly leave an impression, but there’s more to him than just his looks. As a descendant of the ancient Sootopolis people, he guards the Cave of Origin and is knowledgeable on it and the region’s rich lore. He is also not only a skilled Pokémon Trainer, as his status of Gym Leader or Champion would imply, but he also finds success in Pokémon Contest Spectaculars. For those interested in seizing this illustrious husband, your universe must be taken into account. If Wallace is a Gym Leader in your world, it will be a bit easier to challenge him and make an impression than if he were the Champion. Like his mentor, Juan, a Grass-Type will be helpful for dealing with his Whiscash, but otherwise, Electric-Types will serve you well. If battling isn’t quite your thing, you may also be able to snatch a Beauty Master Rank win from him as well, and can start up a conversation backstage afterwards. As someone who respects not only beauty but intelligence as well, make sure to study up on Hoenn and Sootopolis lore beforehand, so you have some common ground to work and impress him with.

Steven Stone 

Our final, and possibly most well-known Hoenn husband, is none other than Steven Stone, son of the prestigious Devon Corporation President Joseph Stone, Champion of the Hoenn region, and self-proclaimed Rock Enthusiast. Steven really has it all: he is handsome, rich, powerful, stylish, and passionate about his hobbies. He is also very close friends with Wallace, which comes with its own slew of benefits. His love for both Steel-Type Pokémon and collecting precious stones can prove to be effective on your quest to catch his attention. But be prepared: he is not easily found, as he generally travels to broaden his horizons, and otherwise stays in his chamber in the Pokémon League, which you can only gain access to after defeating all eight Gym Leaders and the Elite Four—and Steven is no slouch, either! His Steel- and Rock-focused team hits hard and takes hits even better. You’ll really need to be the best to challenge him! If Steven isn’t the Champion in your universe, rumors say he can be found in the dangerous depths of Meteor Falls, simultaneously training and looking for stones. But don’t be fooled: just because he isn’t the Champion doesn’t mean he isn’t as strong as one. Steven was—and still is—a husband force to be reckoned with, very nearly being considered one of the Grand Husband Trinity due to his myriad of positive features. It will not be easy to excavate this husband for yourself, but we wish any reader who wishes to try the best of luck and success!

Sunshine and Rainbows

For Trainers traveling to Hoenn for the first time, or returning for a visit, there are plenty of husbands ready and waiting to be found. We hope you have found this guide useful, and to those who plan to set off on another tropical adventure in the heavenly Hoenn, we wish you the safest travels and hope you have grand adventures on your husband search! We also hope the weather isn’t too bad when you arrive, but there’s no guarantee: be sure to pack your best sunscreen and umbrella!

Edited by Volpe Artica and Z25