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The Best Husbands to Spend Pokémon Day With

As Pokémon Day draws near, do you know who you’ll be accompanied by? Our leading Husbandologist details the best Husbands to spend the special day with from each region!

Pokémon Day is nearly upon us! This cross-region day of celebration aligns with the first discovery of these astounding creatures we call Pokémon. There are lots of ways to celebrate this Officially Certified National Holiday, but leading Husbandologist experts are saying the Absolute Best Way is to spend it with a Husband.

One reason for this is the month of the celebration, February. The “Month of Love” hosted Valentine’s Day a couple weeks earlier. Husbandologists have discovered that elements of Grand Husbandry are enhanced during certain times of the year, including the month of February. As such, it is one of the prime months to be spending with a Husband(s).

With this in mind, let’s go over the best Husbands to spend this special day with! Each region is included, since no one should feel left out on Pokémon Day! Yes, I’m looking at you Kanto, stop trying to steal the show from everyone else.


Originally from Johto, Bill works almost exclusively in Kanto (I’m sure you Kantonians can afford to share some of the spotlight, right?), and he’s your best choice in the region to spend Pokémon Day with. A self-proclaimed “true blue Pokémaniac,” Bill loves Pokémon—too much? That’s not for us to decide. What we can say, however, is that he’s sure to watch any potential new discoveries with you and have a deep and meaningful discussion with you about it for hours afterwards. Find him in his Sea Cottage on Route 25.

He’s quite cute, too!


Mystery Man Eusine isn’t really that much of a mystery. He really, really, really likes Suicune. Suicune is a great Pokémon, so who can really blame him? For those in Johto who don’t want to bother taking the Magnet Train to Kanto to find Bill, Eusine is a perfect candidate for your Pokémon Day festivities… as long as Suicune isn’t around. One whiff of Suicune and your plans are sure to be ruined, although that can be considered part of the fun: maybe you can help him search? He can be a bit hard to find, but it’s said he sometimes hangs around Ecruteak City with his friend Morty. Maybe you can snag a two-for-one this Pokémon Day?

What could have Eusine so alert? The announcement of Let’s Go Suicune? Wait, how would that even work?


Wally is what Husbandologists call a Son. Too pure for this world, he is a smol [note: “smol” is a scientific term to describe someone adorable and tiny] boy that you instinctively feel the need to protect. While not a Husband, Wally is the perfect Hoenn Son to spend Pokémon Day with. Just look at him! There’s no doubt he will enjoy whatever the day has in store. Even if we get news that Kanto is being renovated for the eighth time in a row, Wally will still find a way to bring a smile to your face. You’re most likely to find him in Verdanturf Town, where you’ll have to check in with his aunt and uncle before adopting him—I mean, before heading off.

How on Poké-Earth can you say no to this face?


The intelligent and sharp-dressed Lucian is a very strong Husband choice from the chilly region of Sinnoh. His book-smarts make him a prime viewing partner for any potential breaking news that may happen, as is expected this Pokémon Day. His battle-smarts, as evidenced by his position within the Sinnoh Elite Four, give you options on how else to spend the day with him, such as challenging him to a battle. The best place to search for him would be in Canalave Library—good luck trying to raise his attention away from his books!

We could really use a more updated photo of Lucian. Perhaps we’ll be provided with one in the upcoming years?


Cheren will definitely analyze any news footage with you.

Your best bet for Pokémon Day in Unova is with the diligent Cheren. It goes without saying that a teacher would be the perfect companion to catch all the little details that go into a Pokémon Day celebration. He can be found in his Gym (which simultaneously functions as a school) in Aspertia City without much difficulty. If you’re feeling very ambitious, you can try to find one of the Husbands of the Grand Husband Trinity (a group comprising of the world’s three Greatest Husbands), N. N is constantly on the move, never staying in one place long—this goes for cities as well as regions! He may not be spending Pokémon Day in Unova this year, as he sporadically travels the world in search of a dear friend. But if you do happen across him, his love for Pokémon makes him one of the best companions on Pokémon Day you could ask for!

Every day is Pokémon Day with N!

[Note: Colress, another Unovian member of the Grand Husband Trinity, is another great choice to spend Pokémon Day with; however, it is unclear if he is currently located in Unova or traveling in Alola, and it is similarly unclear whether he will be completely absorbed by his studies or if he will be willing to partake in any Pokémon Day festivities.]


The clumsy Kalosian professor, Augustine Sycamore, is the best choice for those spending Pokémon Day in the region of lights. He may be goofy, but you don’t become a professor without having some smarts! Another member of the Grand Husband Trinity, Sycamore will certainly make Pokémon Day a day (and night) to remember for you. Starting off with intelligent discussion over what exciting news the day may bring, he’s bound to invite you to many of Kalos’s exciting locales as the day progresses. If he isn’t already out and about Lumiose City, you can find him in his personal laboratory—it might be best if you try to make the first move.

Jessie and Meowth have the right idea!


Prince of the Trainers’ School, Ilima is a charming young man who will be great to spend Pokémon Day with for those in the tropical Alola region. He’s easily excited by Pokémon battles and will undoubtedly find many ways to enjoy Pokémon Day with you; I’m sure there’s no news that could make him feel down! He lives in the Hau’oli City Shopping District, and he’s known to allow visitors. Be sure to stop by, and he might just give you an Everstone as proof of your everlasting love! …For Pokémon. Of course.

Pokémon Day Fun Fact: Ilima is left-handed!

What the Future Holds

This Pokémon Day is bound to be full of surprises, and those magic moments are always better when shared. We at PokéCommunity Daily hope you find the perfect Husband to spend Pokémon Day with, and Husbandologists everywhere hope that we’ll discover new Good Husbands in the wonderful world of Pokémon this year. Wishing you all the best, we hope you have a fantastic Pokémon Day, and year, and beyond!

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