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Hisui Husband Hunters Guild Official Field Guide

The second annual official field guide and almanac from the Hisui Husband Hunters Guild has all the information you need to safely and successfully capture a husband in the Hisui region.

A Message from the Hisui Husband Hunters Guild’s Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Beaugene the Dustox

Welcome one and all to the Hisui Husband Hunters Guild’s second annual official field guide and almanac! Thanks in no small part to the Galaxy Expedition Team and a mysterious teen child who just fell out of the sky one day, the region of Hisui has become a lot more inhabitable. Still, the process of learning how to capture Pokémon isn’t an easy one, and it takes much study and practice to master. The same holds true for capturing husbands—that’s where this guide comes in.

By using this guide, you, too, can capture your very own husband! We have updated all our entries to include husband locations, liked foods, and some general information. The Hisui Husband Hunters Guild has also newly obtained the Forbidden Power of the Future and have discovered that some husbands may in fact evolve over the centuries (or decades; we didn’t ask what year exactly we’re living in right now). So, new to this edition of the guide, potential evolutions will also be listed for husbands who have them.

And please do not worry if these methods of husband capture somehow seem inhumane! You humans have all collectively decided that capturing Pokémon within Poké Balls isn’t immoral and is something we Pokémon absolutely always love, so it should be fine to capture humans, too. This is absolutely not part of a plot to reduce the number of wild humans so that our Pokémon uprising is easier to stage.

We know you will find this guide indispensable on your lifelong journey! Whether you’re looking to complete your Husbandex or to log just a single entry, the tips in this guide will lead you to the results you seek.

A note to aspiring husband hunters: If you’re the kind of hunter who likes to discover information about husbands for yourself, you may want to refer back to this guide after learning all you can on your own. In the future, this kind of disclaimer will be called a “spoiler warning.” Now we can say that the Hisui Husband Hunters Guild created the term “spoiler warning” thanks to the time paradox this will create. Sorry to the person who first came up with the term, but it’s ours now!

A Word of Encouragement from Yui, Successful Husband Hunter

The ways of Pokémon catching were still shrouded in mystery when I captured Choy for myself. Looking back, however, I can see that the skills I used are most similar to Pokémon catching. Distracting him with a cake, spraying yourself with some Stealth Spray to sneak up on him, and pelting him with hollowed-out acorns until you get his attention are some of the most tried and true methods of both husband and Pokémon capture. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of the Husband Hunters Guild’s information, as it helped me successfully capture Choy with little issue. Just keep at it and you, too, can capture a husband of your own!

The Husbands of the Galaxy Team




Location(s): Jubilife Village farm

Favorite Foods: Any kind of Mint

Strategy: Leave alpha Pokémon at the farm as a show of goodwill. Ask Colza to harvest different fruits, veggies, and herbs. They will be very helpful in future excursions, and will also distract Colza, giving you the opportunity to strike. Tossing Apricorns at him has just as much chance to succeed at stunning him as it does the chance to make him—and his harvests—more powerful. Have a backup plan or escape route in place before attempting capture.

Information: Colza’s harvests have been crucial for Jubilife Village’s economy, as well as for expedition-goers looking for helpful materials for their excursions. As such, he has grown incredibly popular among the townsfolk. Working in the fields alongside Pokémon has also improved his skills at handling them, and it appears he has an untapped potential when it comes to battling.

Evolves into: A strong Grass-type Trainer with a haircut just as interesting as his

Prof. Laventon

Location(s): Galaxy Hall; base camps all across the Hisui wilderness; the Wallflower

Favorite Foods: The only thing he can eat is potato mochi

Strategy: Catch plenty of Pokémon to impress Prof. Laventon with your capturing skills. Try to fill out your Pokédex entries and engage in intelligent discussion with him about your findings to build your connection. Invite him to his favorite place, the Wallflower, to order his favorite meal, potato mochi. While his guard is down, suplex him to stun him before going in for the capture.

Information: Prof. Laventon is a jolly and supportive soul; it’s a surprise he hasn’t already been captured, but this may be a testament to some kind of hidden strength. Husband Hunters intent on catching Prof. Laventon should be prepared for parenthood, as he is known to adopt children indiscriminately. His caring nature has made him a wonderful father figure to the likes of Rei and that one person who just kind of inexplicably fell out of the sky one day.

Evolves into: Unclear; perhaps someone soft and huggable, just like him

Commander Kamado

Location(s): Galaxy Hall (common); Temple of Sinnoh (rare)

Favorite Foods: Potato mochi, Chople Berry

Strategy: Commander Kamado has lived through unspeakable tragedy and will not be bested by mere Snowballs and Apricorns. Get an education, then establish the Galaxy Team Therapy Corps. Be supportive of Kamado as he processes his trauma and help the people of Jubilife Village improve their mental health, too.

Information: The woman in the photograph on Commander Kamado’s desk is likely Kamado’s wife, lost to the rampant Pokémon attack that destroyed all in Kamado’s hometown save for himself and Beni. While he isn’t looking for love at the moment, it’s possible to work your way into his hardened heart if you approach him with patience and kindness.

Evolves into: A stern but intelligent man


Location(s): The Wallflower

Favorite Foods: Pokéblocks, potato mochi

Strategy: Beni is a master ninja, so you’ll need to hone your battling and catching skills to near perfection. Challenge him to one-on-one combat; take out his team of Pokémon before weakening him directly with Sticky Globs. Don’t bother with Smoke Bombs to conceal yourself; it will only make Beni stronger by placing him in his element.

Information: Like Commander Kamado, Beni has survived great tragedy before moving to Jubilife Village. Although he hopes to move to a warmer region in due time, his dedication to Kamado means he won’t be departing very soon. Beni’s renowned potato mochi has been the pillar upon which Jubilife Village thrives, and anyone who gets close to him should prepare to have it become one of the only foods they consume.

Evolves into: A son who boasts latent power and unlimited cuteness


Location(s): The Hisui wilderness; the Wallflower

Favorite Foods: Poffins, potato mochi

Strategy: Challenging Rei to battle can be a quick way to not only impress him, but catch him off guard; since his skills in battle could use some work, it’ll be easy to get an advantage. Prioritize using Great Balls on him since they match his uniform nicely.

Information: Rei’s hardworking nature is incredibly endearing. He may not be the strongest Trainer or most efficient catcher, but he always does his best and is supportive of his friends. Never pass up the opportunity to take a photograph with him, as his smile is contagious.

Evolves into: A boy who wears the same style hat, for some reason

The Husbands of the Pearl Clan


Location(s): Alabaster Icelands

Favorite Foods: Occa Berry, Chople Berry

Strategy: Get fit; challenge Gaeric to wrestling matches frequently. After gaining his trust, convince him to train in the extreme heat of Firespit Island in the Cobalt Coastlands. Gaeric will be unable to decline the opportunity to strengthen himself, but the heat will naturally weaken him. This will be the best chance to stun him with Balls of Mud, but don’t use Snowballs as they’ll simply freshen him up. Although he can’t fly, Wing and Jet Balls are a great match for him.

Information: Gaeric’s rock-hard exterior forged in the subzero chill of the icelands is one of the Seven Great Wonders of Hisui. Anyone looking to catch him will need to steel themselves to move to the Alabaster Icelands for life. The more extreme the conditions, the more Gaeric is in his element. No one has ever seen him scale a perfectly flat 90-degree wall before, but he can always manage to make his way to top of such inclines, making Gaeric’s climbing ability another one of the Seven Great Wonders of Hisui.

Evolves into: A kind and well-respected Ice-type Trainer


Location(s): Jubilife Village Training Grounds (common); Coronet Highlands (rare)

Favorite Foods: Occa Berry, Yache Berry

Strategy: Ingo is the second strongest Trainer in Hisui after Volo, so impress him with your battle skills at the Training Grounds. While battling, try not to cry when you remember just how tragic it is that he has no memory of his past and that his brother has no clue where he is and is worried sick without a way to find him.

Information: Arceus, what were you thinking? If you really felt that Hisui needed a railway system, why bring someone from Unova, of all places? You seriously want us to model our trains after the Battle Subway? Are Hisui’s giant alpha Bidoof not enough? Now we’re going to have to deal with Bidoof-eating alpha Raticate and constant delays, too? Of all the choices to make, this was not the right one.

Evolves into: Please help him get home

The Husbands of the Diamond Clan


Location(s): Pretty much anywhere as long as he has the time to go there

Favorite Foods: Pretty much anything as long as he has the time to eat it

Strategy: Take up jewelry making and ask Adaman if he’d like to join. Gift him gems and planners, especially those with weekly layouts with guidelines for each of the days’ 24 hours. Be patient with his dear friend Melli, but also be prepared to catch Melli’s ire as you worm your way into Adaman’s heart—or be prepared to try to catch Melli, too.

Information: Time is the ultimate paradox: we never seem to have enough of it, yet it never ceases, and the fact that it never ceases is a point of great stress. Learning to live in the present while also balancing the importance of the time that continues all around us is one of life’s greatest challenges, but one that reaps immense rewards when mastered. Not only has Adaman’s consideration for this delicate balancing act given him the skills necessary to successfully lead the Diamond Clan, but he also does this really neat symbol thing with his hand sometimes. What a cool guy!

Evolves into: Unclear; diamonds are forever, and perhaps the same is true of Adaman


Location(s): Anywhere that inconveniences you

Favorite Foods: Anything you dislike

Strategy: Capturing Melli requires patience and cunning. As the Originator of Sass, it will be impossible to outsass him, but it is still possible to respond with sass when he unleashes his. Getting on Adaman’s good side will also naturally elevate you in Melli’s eyes—albeit only slightly—so it may be possible to snag a two-for-one if Adaman is also in your sights.

Information: Today we give thanks to Melli, the infinite well from which all the world’s sass springs forth. Underneath his haughty exterior is a soft, gentle, and somewhat anxious soul who truly cares for Adaman. Without Melli, the world’s balance would be thrown askew, and life as we all know it would undoubtedly crumble as the earth is beset by flying croissants.

Evolves into: Unclear, although it may be a very smart, fashionable Trainer with glasses

The Husbands of the Ginkgo Guild


Location(s): Jubilife Village

Favorite Foods: Shuca Berries

Strategy: Purchasing wares from Ginter actually holds no inherent advantage when pursuing him, because he views everyone as a potential customer to peddle to. Still, make sure you buy his Scatter Bang set whenever possible; when the time is right, sneak up on him and use the Scatter Bang to startle him. While he’s making sure his wares are unharmed, pelt him with Balls of Mud to lower his defenses—their Ground-like attributes make them especially effective against him. Ginter can also be distracted by rare items such as evolutionary stones, which he will naturally want to add to his inventory.

Information: Ginter is reserved and always on the job, leaving one to wonder just how much of his personality is his line of work. His aloofness has been seen as a charm point, however, and the people of Jubilife Village can’t help but wonder what his connection is with the equally mysterious Volo.

Evolves into: A burnt-out but strong and endearing Electric-type Trainer


Location(s): All over Hisui in search of ancient and very powerful artifacts (what a silly and not at all suspicious guy!)

Favorite Foods: Crumbling Wall, Plates, the fear of his enemies

Strategy: You will panic, but don’t show it—he feeds on weakness. Pretend you’re really into the idea of him meeting Arceus to get that autograph he’s always wanted; encourage him by taking up pottery and making him some plates. Ignore the dark and sinister aura that seems to surround him when he holds said plates. Just think about that charming and gentle smile of his!

Information: What were we all placed on this earth to do? What is our greater purpose? It seems like the more we look for an answer, the further away that answer becomes. Can the myths of our past really affect our future when the Powers That Be are tossing humans from our future into our past with no regard for their own agency? Are we naught but puppets to be strung around by the likes of certain Pokémon? Is capturing Pokémon just a way to reclaim the agency we have lost, to make ourselves feel better that in the end all it takes is but a single Pokémon to completely overturn our lives for the worse—whether it be an alien, a rampaging hippo, or a god? The past only gives us so many answers, and we cannot see the future, so we stumble about blindly in the present, asking, crying out: “Why?” And the only answer we get is the echo of our own voice.

Evolves into: Y̸̨̯͙̬̌̚o̴͍͑ù̶͖̟̫̂͝r̸̡̺͔͑͒̅ ̵̢̰̬̄w̸̖̙̳͌͐́o̸͚̞̮̲̍̽̈́r̸̛̤͔͍̖͋̅̑̚ş̴͈̞͓͌̓̓t̶̮͉̣̯̬̾̃͆ ̷̬͙̼̓͒̀̐n̵̠̾̿̀į̷̫̫̻̯̎͐̂̂̇ğ̵͎̰͚̆̇h̷͇̳̹̗̳̅̈t̸̝̻̭̬̯̋͒͠͝ḿ̴͚̭̾́̈͆â̶̞͔̠̅̍r̴̨̉ę̷̖͖͠

Edited by Arcaneum and bobandbill.