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Daily Listening Exercise: Pokémon Cries

Trainers, it’s time to test your Pokémon knowledge and your hearing ability!

After playing Pokémon for a very long time, you start being able to reel Pokémon’s names off left, right and centre, as well as being able to identify them as you see them. Right?

For example, it’s very easy to identify this image as the Pokémon Oddish. However, what if you were only presented with its cry? Suddenly it becomes just that little bit harder, especially when it sounds something like this:

Think you have what it takes? If so, then head on over to the PokéCries website! PokéCries is a website which hosts a variety of quizzes, where you will be given a sound clip of a Pokémon’s cry. You then have to identify this correctly. There are a variety of modes, including:

1. Standard

In Standard Mode, you will be given a selection of Pokémon to choose from, whilst the cry plays. You must choose the correct Pokémon from the selection.

2. Timer

In Timer Mode, you will need to identify as many cries as possible in one minute; again, you will have some Pokémon to choose from.

3. Blind

In Blind Mode, you will have the Pokémon’s cry ONLY, so you will have no visual aids.

These come in four difficulties – Easy, Normal, Hard and Insane. Here are the difficulties for the respective Modes.

Difficulties in Standard Mode.


Difficulties in Timed Mode.


Difficulties in Blind Mode.

What are you waiting for? Give these challenges a go and let us know how you did in the comments!

Edited by bobandbill and Jake.