The Grand Underground minigame has been reverse engineered

A useful spreadsheet now exists to tell you how much luck you need for that one evolution item you’re missing!

The Grand Underground is one of the more enjoyable areas of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, in part due to the mining minigame. It featured in the original titles but has some changes, namely the inclusion of the Pretty and Gorgeous Boxes which contain Pokémon Statues. Dataminers have today shared their findings on how the mining minigame works.

A spreadsheet listing the Item and Statue drop rates has been released. Some of these findings are consistent with the original Sinnoh titles. Notable differences include the specific rates of Gorgeous boxes (which contained Colour/the green Statues) when a Statue box is generated: 5% normally, and 95% during the ‘LightStone’ bonus (activated from collectively finding 40 points from Diglett and Dugtrio). A box will be generated 50% of the time outside of the LightStone bonus. How a Dig Site is generated is also described in the spreadsheet, down to the nitty gritty.

In case you haven’t seen it before, there’s also this spreadsheet listing all the Pokémon and their locations and moves within the Grand Underground!

How many hours have you spent tapping away at rocks?

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