A new six-minute Pokémon Legends: Arceus trailer recaps the basics

It’s in Japanese, although we’ve gleaned some information from translations. There’s also new music to check out!

We’re three weeks away from release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and today a new trailer released on the Japanese Nintendo YouTube channel.

A few new tracks have been showcased, including a remix of the Sinnoh Wild Pokémon Battle theme. While we see a few more Pokémon in the game than before, most of the details here appear to be information we’ve learnt months ago. Our resident translator Cherrim has helped spot some extra info we didn’t know before:

  • An example of quests for Shinx from the official game website.

    The quests for Wurmple have some slight differences to that seen for Shinx – for instance, Wurmple has a quest for number caught that have a small size, while Shinx did not. But there was only one quest for Wurmple seen using a move (Poison Sting) while Shinx had two, and additionally a quest for defeating with a Ground-type attack. That means we will see at least some variation between different species.

  • Earnings for an expedition from the Pokédex include rewards for the number of Pokémon caught, the types caught, brand new Pokémon caught, and “back-caught”. This may be an early-game example we spotted (around 2:45), as the earnings are only 1,322 yen.

What is your opinion of the new trailer? Is there something you want to learn about the games before they release?

Thanks to Cherrim for translations.
Edited by Sheep.