More Sword and Shield news coming soon; Strategy Guide revealed

The strategy guide is available to preorder and spans 352 pages.

The official Pokémon Twitter account has again provided news that we can expect further information on Pokémon Sword and Shield in the next few days. We’ll be getting facts about Pokémon we’ve already seen introduced. Given the news about Galarian Weezing’s Ability and Corviknight’s Hidden Ability recently, we could expect to see more about Abilities and moves.

Meanwhile, Amazon has listed the Pokémon Sword and Shield strategy guide as available to preorder. Costing $24.99 USD, it spans 352 pages and will be available one week after the games release, on the 22nd of November. It is 8 x 13.4 inches (20.32 x 34 cm) large.

What information are you hoping to see? Are you planning on buying the strategy guide?