Take a look at a Galar Town in Sword and Shield

Research labs, train stations, and sitting! A Wooloo features as well.

The Nintendo UK YouTube channel has shared a video from the director of Pokémon Sword and Shield, Shigeru Ohmori, where he talks about a yet-unnamed town from the region of Galar. Take a look below!

One can presume it may be an earlier town you visit, as it houses the Research Lab for Professor Magnolia. We also learn that trains can be used for moving between places, you can inspect a cute Wooloo, and maybe most importantly – you can sit in chairs again.

A clothing boutique also can be seen, and a grocer sells ‘fresh produce’. We’ve seen potatoes before from an early video be a new item, so it seems more vegetables and fruit will be obtainable in these games. There’s also a hidden item seen sparkling at the end of the town.

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Do you like how this town looks? What are you hoping to find out further in the coming days?