Mega Stones up for grabs in newly announced Weakness Cup!

You’ll need to use Pokémon with at least five weaknesses! Register now for the competition start of the 28th of July.

More Mega Stones are now up for grabs to players who participate in the Weakness Cup Online Competition! In this Weakness Cup, players are limited to using Pokémon with five or more weaknesses, and the following items in their battles:

  • Weakness Policy
  • Berries which reduce damage taken from supereffective attacks (Occa Berry, Yache Berry, etc.)

This will be starting at Friday, July 28, at 00:00 UTC and finishing on Sunday, July 30, at 23:59 UTC. Registration for this will be closing on Thursday, July 27, at 23:59 UTC. Any qualified participants who have taken part in at least three battles will win the following Mega Stones:

  • Ampharosite
  • Altarianite
  • Latiosite
  • Latiasite

These stones will be distributed later to other players, but at a later and yet-unannounced date. So what are you waiting for? Get those teams polished to perfection and get those registrations set up! Best of luck to all of you who take part!

Find full details for the events here.

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