Pokémon GO: Team Instinct leader gone missing?!

Spark from Team Instinct has disappeared from Pokémon GO! Where could he be?

Where’s Spark gone?! In Pokémon GO’s latest update, players who have affiliated themselves with Team Instinct are finding out that Spark, their team leader, has mysteriously vanished! What could this mean for the happy-go-lucky leader?

As it stands, Instinct members (such as Reddit’s nikk2k) are being greeted by Candela – Team Valor’s leader – instead of Spark, although as it stands she still currently has the same lines of dialogue as Spark does when you speak to him. Therefore it appears that Pokémon GO’s new update has just encountered a graphical glitch, in which Spark’s image has been replaced with Candela’s.

Candela steps in for Spark whilst he is elsewhere, maybe?

What a shame! Here was us thinking that perhaps something behind the scenes was looking to take place. Something to do with the GOFest coming up, perhaps?

Update: It has been acknowledged to be an error.

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