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‘Day of the Dead’ Inspired Pokémon Illustrations

There are sugar skulls, and then there are these Mexican-inspired Pokémon.

We won’t be needing a Revive on these fainted Pokémon, as this artist has already brought them back to life.

Under the Internet alias ‘PopMuertos’, this particular artist has infused Pokémon with the Mexican artistic-style associated with the Day of the Dead.  Generally, this artistic style is applied to sugar skulls, but PopMuertos decided to apply it to these pop culture icons.

Here are some examples of the artist’s work.




The artist behind these have plans to make all 151 Pokemon of the 1st generation. Currently, they are up to Dragonair based on their Instagram account and have shown no signs of stopping.

Which Pokémon is your favorite? Let us know!

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