Pokémon Sun and Moon is leaked, datamined

A heads up to avoid parts of the Internet if you want to to keep things secret. We summarise known stats and move information and source these leaks.

[SPOILERS WITHIN THIS ARTICLE!] Invariably game leaks happen. Sadly, this has occurred early with a user on website 4chan sharing photos of their play-through. They evidently got a version of the game early (a rogue review copy perhaps?). Furthermore, now Twitter user SciresM and YouTube user Kaphotics have released a video on the stats and movesets of all the starter Pokémon. There’s more to come too. That’s right – Pokémon Sun and Moon has been datamined, ten days before first official release.

We stress that PokéCommunity has no part in these leaks. If you wish to avoid spoilers, abort this article now! The Internet may also need to be avoided as fans invariably repeat the information.

We’ll summarise the known information below. No images are given below, but can be found via the 4chan leak. Plot spoilers are separated into their own section.

Starters – Stats and Movepools



Hidden Ability – Long Reach

Notable moves – Curse, Haze, Baton Pass, Spirit Shackle, U-turn, Sucker Punch, Nasty Plot, Brave Bird, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Acrobatics, Shadow Claw, Grass Know, Swords Dance, Synthesis, Leaf Blade

Notes: It doesn’t learn Fly! Decidueye has equal-seventh best Attack out of all the starters.



Hidden Ability – Intimidate

Notable moves – Flare Blitz, Outrage, Cross Chop, Taunt, Earthquake, Leech Life, Low Sweep, Brutal Swing, Will-O-Wisp, Snarl, Crunch, Fake Out, Nasty Plot, Darkest Lariat

Notes: It has less Speed than its pre-evolution, Torracat! Fourth-best Attack of all the starters. It is tied with Primarina in Speed, and only Torterra is slower than it.



Hidden Ability – Liquid Voice

Notable moves – Charm, Amnesia, Perish Song, Wonder Room, Sparkling Aria, Disarming Voice, Energy Ball, Hyper Voice, Moonblast, Hydro Pump, Encore, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Psychic, Scald, Surf, Aqua Jet

Notes: It has the highest Special Attack and Special Defense of any starter. It is tied with Incineroar in Speed, and only Torterra is slower than it.

Other Pokémon

No screenshots will be shared here – follow the link in the intro if you must see. Only stats for the final evolutions will be listed, but if you want to see all of them, check out this link. Evolution requirements can be found here.

Toucannon, the final evolution of Pikipek, is based on a toucan. It isn’t fast and somewhat frail on the Special side, but has good HP and high Attack. Toucannon learns Drill Peck. It evolves from Trumbeak, which evolves from Pikipek at level 14.

Gumshoos hasn’t great stats – similar to Watchog’s. Its Attack and HP are its strongest stats. Notable moves it learns are Super Fang, Bite, and Pursuit. Its stats are 88/110/60/55/60/45.

Vikavolt‘s stats are 77/70/90/145/75/43. It is really slow but has high Special Attack.

Crabominable evolves from Crabrawler. It is Fighting/Ice type and has the abilities Hypper Cutter and Iron Fist. Its Hidden Ability is Anger Point. Its stats are 97/132/77/62/67/43.

Oricorio’s stats are 75/70/70/98/70/93.

Ribombee, Cutiefly’s evolution, has a stat spread of 60/55/60/95/70/124, making it pretty fast. It is Bug/Fairy type.

Lycanroc forms have different stats. Midday Lycanroc’s stat spread is 75/115/65/55/112, and Midnight Lycanroc’s stat spread is 85/115/75/55/75/82. The Midnight form is slightly slower, but has a bit more HP.

Wishiwashi has very low stats (40/20/20/25/25/40), but its School Form boosts everything significantly at the cost of Speed (45/140/130/140/135/30). Wishiwashi reverts to its solo form at 25% HP or less.

Mareanie is a Poison/Water type that was revealed on the TCG set a while back. It evolves into the Poison/Water type Toxapex, which has a stat spread of 50/63/152/53/142/35.

Mudsdale has high Attack but very low Speed. Its stats are 100/125/100/55/85/35.

Dewpider is a Water/Bug type that evolves into Araquanid. The latter’s stats are 68/70/92/50/132/42.

Lurantis has high Attack and respectable HP/Defense/Special Defense. It learns Petal Blizzard and Leaf Blade. Its stats are 70/105/90/80/90/45.

Morelull evolves into the Grass/Fairy type Shiinotic. It has stats that are a bit lower than others, with a spread of 60/45/80/90/100/30.

Salazzle (a female-only evolution of Salandit by level 33 at most) is shaping up to be a neat glass cannon – fast and with good Special Attack. Poison/Fire type, and it has access to Nasty Plot. Its base stats are 68/64/60/111/60/117.

Bewear and Tsareena have high Attack. Bewear’s stats are 120/125/80/55/60/60 while Tsareena’s are 72/120/98/50/98/72.

Comfey seems to be a defensive Pokémon. Its stats are 51/52/90/82/110/100.

Oranguru looks to be more defensive than Passimian. The former’s stats are 90/60/80/90/110/60 and the latter’s are 100/120/90/40/60/80.

Golisopod is the evolution of Wimpod. It can be found on the overworld map. Its stats are 75/125/140/60/90/40.

Palossand is a Special Attacker that also has high Defense. Its stats are 85/75/110/100/75/35.

All of Silvally’s stats are 95. Minior also has very balanced stats, with a spread of 60/60/100/60/100/60.

Komala has stats that are higher than expected for a Pokémon that doesn’t evolve. They are 65/115/65/75/95/65.

Turtonator looks like it would be a physical attacker, but its Special Attack is also a bit higher than its Attack. Its stats are 60/78/135/91/85/36.

Togedemaru is a physical attacker, despite the electric rodents traditionally being special attackers. Its stats are 65/98/63/40/73/96. Mimikyu’s stats are also slightly similar and are 55/90/80/50/105/96.

Bruxish is another physical attacker and has a stat spread of 68/105/70/70/70/92.

Drampa is, not surprisingly given its ability, a special attacker. Its stats are 78/60/85/135/91/36.

Dhelmise is a Grass/Ghost type Pokémon that looks like an anchor. Its stats are 70/131/100/86/90/40.

Kommo-o can function as a physical or special attacker with its spread of 75/110/125/100/105/85.

The Island Guardians all have the same stat numbers that are switched around for each. Tapu Koko’s stats are 70/115/85/95/75/130, Tapu Lele’s are 70/85/75/130/115/95, Tapu Bulu’s are 70/130/115/85/95/75, and Tapu Fini’s stats are 70/75/115/95/130/85.

Solgaleo has high HP and Attack. Its stats are 137/137/107/113/89/97.

Lunala has high HP and Special Attack. It can learn Moongeist Beam, Cosmic Power, Night Daze, and Shadow Ball. It is caught at level 55. Its stats are 137/113/89/137/107/97.

Alolan Dugtrio is Ground/Steel type, and Alolan Golem is Rock/Electric type.

The Ultra Beasts also appear to have different names when they are caught and are considered Pokémon.

UB01 is called Nihilego, is Rock/Poison, and has a stat spread of 109/53/47/127/131/103.

UB02 Absorption is called Buzzwole and is Bug/Fighting. Its stats are 107/139/53/53/79. UB02 Beauty is called Pheromosa and has the same typing, though its stats are 71/137/37/137/37/151.

There is an Electric-type UB called Xurktree. Its stats are 83/89/71/173/71/83. It looks like a collection of cords put together.

The Steel/Flying UB looks like a bamboo tree and is called Celesteela. Its stats are 97/101/103/107/101/61.

The Grass/Steel UB, Kartana, looks like a bunch of sharp swords (it is called the Drawn Sword Pokémon) and has a stat spread of 59/181/131/59/31/109.

The fat UB is called Guzzlord and is Dark/Dragon type. It has a stat spread of 223/101/53/97/53/43.

The last UB does not seem to be like the others. It has a different ability (Prism Armor rather than Beast Boost) and only one typing. Necrozma is Psychic-type and has a stat spread of 97/107/101/127/89/79.

Changes to old Pokémon

Gengar now has the Ability Cursed Body, replacing Levitate.

Raikou’s, Suicune’s, and Entei’s Hidden Abilities were all replaced with Inner Focus.

In addition to Keen Eye, Wingull may also have Hydration as its ability. It turns into Drizzle when it evolves into Pelipper.

In addition to White Smoke, Torkoal may also have Drought as its ability.

Roggenrola and Boldore get the Hidden Ability Weak Armor instead of Sturdy. This turns into Sand Stream when evolved into Gigalith.

Vanililite and Vanillish now have Snow Cloak instead of Ice Body as their Hidden Ability. Vanilluxe has Snow Warning instead of Ice Body.

Cubchoo and Beartic had their Hidden Ability (Snow Cloak) replaced with a new ability, Slush Rush.

A few Pokémon have an increase in Attack. Arbok’s Attack has increased from 85 to 95, while Dugtrio’s increased from 80 to 100. Farfetch’d now has 90 Attack instead of 65. Beartic’s and Crustle’s both increased, from 95 to 105 and 110 to 130 respectively.

Dodrio, Electrode, and Delcatty have increased Speed stats. Dodrio’s is now 110 instead of 100 and Electrode’s increased from 140 to 150. Delcatty’s Speed was raised from 70 to 90.

Exeggutor, Ariados, and Corsola have increased Special Defense. Exeggutor’s went from 65 to 75, Ariados’s from 60 to 70, and Corsola’s from 85 to 95. Corsola also has an increase of Defense (from 85 to 95) and HP (from 55 to 65).

Noctowl’s Special Attack is now 86 instead of 76. Swellow’s Special Attack also increased from 50 to 75, and Pelipper’s from 85 to 95. Masquerain has an increased Special Attack (from 80 to 100) as well as an increase in Speed (from 60 to 80).

Qwilfish’s Defense was raised from 75 to 85.

Mantine now has 85 base HP instead of 65. Lunatone and Solrock both now have 90 HP instead of 70, and Woobat has 65 instead of 55.

Volbeat and Illumise now have 75 Defense and 85 Special Defense, raised from 55 and 75 respectively.

Cryogonal now has 80 HP instead of 70 and 50 Defense instead of 30.

Version Exclusives

Not fully confirmed/complete.

Pokémon exclusive to Sun: Alolan Vulpix / Alolan Ninetales, Rufflet / Braviary, Turtonator, Gible / Gabite / Garchomp, Goomy / Sliggoo / Goodra, Tirtouga / Carracosta, Cottonee / Whimsicott, Cranidos / Rampardos, Passimian, Lycanroc Midday, Solgaleo, UB-02 Absorption

Pokémon exclusive to Moon: Alolan Sandshrew / Alolan Sandslash, Vullaby / Mandbuzz, Drampa, Beldum / Metang / Metagross, Trapinch / Vibrava / Flygon, Archen/Archeops, Petilil / Liligant, Shieldon / Bastiodon, Oranguru, Lycanrock Midnight, Lunala, UB-02 Beauty


New moves

Spirit Shackle has 80 Base Power, 100% accuracy and prevents the target from escaping. Exclusive to Decidueye.

Darkest Lariat has 85 Base Power, 100% accuracy and ignores the target’s stat changes. It is Incineroar’s signature move.

Sparkling Aria has 90 Base Power, 100% accuracy and heals the burns of the target. This is Primarina’s signature move.

Spotlight causes attacks to focus on the target.

Brutal Swing is a new TM with 60 Base Power that hits all targets. Incineroar learns this move. It is TM59 this generation.

Beak Blast is a -3 Priority move with 100 Base Power. It inflicts Burns making physical contact with it while the move charges during the turn (ala Focus Punch). This is Pikipek’s evolution’s signature move.

Accelerock has 40 Base Power and 100% accuracy. It always goes first. This was previously revealed to be Midday Lycanroc’s signature move.

Tearful Look is a non-damaging Normal-type move that lowers the target’s Special Attack and Attack.

Baneful Bunker is a move only learned by Tonapex. It is a non-damaging Poison-type move that protects the user from an attack but poisons any attacker Pokémon that makes physical contact.

Liquidation is a physical Water-type move that has 85 Base Power. It may lower the target’s Defense stat and has 100% accuracy.

High Horsepower has 95 Base Power and is a physical Ground-type move learned by Mudbray and Mudsdale, and for some reason also Golurk and Snorlax. It has 95% accuracy.

Lunge is a new physical Bug-type move with 80 Base Power and 100% accuracy. This move lowers the target’s Attack stat.

Solar Blade is a physical Grass-type move with 125 Base Power and 100% accuracy. It takes two-turns to complete and can only be learned by Lurantis.

Strength Sap is a non-damaging Grass-type move. It restores the same amount of HP to the user as the target’s Attack stat, and lowers the target’s Attack stat after use. This move is exclusive to Morelull and its evolution.

Stomping Tantrum is a physical Ground-type move with 75 Base Power and 100% accuracy. Its power doubles if the user’s previous move missed.

Trop Kick was revealed in one of the previous trailers. It is a physical Grass-type move learned by Tsareena and lowers the opponent’s Attack stat after use. It has 70 Base Power and 100% accuracy.

Floral Healing is a non-damaging Fairy-type move exclusive to Comfey. It restores the target’s HP by up to half of the target’s maximum HP. It restores more HP when the battle is fought on a grass terrain.

Purify is a non-damaging Poison-type move. It removes the target’s status condition, and if it does not miss, it also heals the user’s HP. It is only learned by Pyukumuku.

Zing Zap is a physical Electric-type move learned by Togedemaru. It has 80 Base Power and 100% accuracy.

Psychic Fangs is a physical move that has 85 Base Power and 100% accuracy. If it hits, it destroys any Light Screen or Reflect set up on the opponent’s side of the field.

Anchor Shot is a Grass-type move that prevents the target from fleeing after its use. It is a Special move that has 80 Base Power and 100% accuracy. It is only learned by Dhelmise.

Clanging Scales has 110 Base Power and 100% accuracy. It is a special Dragon-type move and can only be learned by Kommo-o.

Smart Strike is a Steel-type move that never misses. It has 70 Base Power. It is TM67.

Laser Focus allows the user’s next move to alows be a critical hit.

Prismatic Laser is a special Psychic-type move. It has 160 Base Power and 100% accuracy. However, after using it, the user can’t move the next turn. It is exclusive to one of the Ultra Beasts.

Spectral Thief is Marshadow’s signature move. It is a Ghost-type move with 100% accuracy and 90 Base Power. First, Marshadow steals the opponent’s stat boosts, then attacks.

Dragon Hammer is a physical Dragon-type move that can only be learned by Alola Exeggutor. It has 90 Base Power and 100% accuracy.

Throat Chop is a physical Dark-type move that has 80 Base Power and 100% accuracy. It prevents the target from using sound-base moves for two turns.

Pollen Puff is a Bug-type move with 90 Base Power and 100% accuracy. It can be used to either attack the opponent or, if used on an ally, heal the target’s HP. It is a special move and only learned by Ribombee.

Ice Hammer can only be learned by Crabrawler’s evolution. It has 100 Base Power and only 90% accuracy, and it lowers the user’s Speed. It is a physical Ice-type move.

Psychic Terrain is a move that protects Pokémon on the ground from priority moves and powers-up Psychic-type moves for five turns.

Shore Up is a healing move only learned by Sandygast and Palossand. It restores half of its maximum HP and restores more HP in a sandstorm.

First Impression is only learned by Wimpod’s evolution and is a physical Bug-type move with 90 Base Power and 100% accuracy. It only works on the first turn of the battle, similar to Fake Out.

Gear Up is a Steel-type move that raises the Special Attack and Attack of an ally Pokémon that has the Plus or Minus ability.

Speed Swap is a Psychic-type move that switches the user’s Speed stat with the target’s.

Aurora Veil reduces damage taken from damaging moves for five turns and can only be used in a hailstorm.

Shadow Bone is a physical Ghost-type move learned by Alola Marowak. It has 85 Base Power and 100% accuracy. It may lower the target’s Defense by one stage.

Toxic Thread is a move exclusive to Spinarak and Ariados. It causes poison and lowers the target’s Speed by one stage. It has 100% accuracy.

Fire Lash is a physical Fire-type move learned by Heatmor that has 80 Base Power and 100% accuracy. It lowers the target’s Defense by one stage.

Power Trip is a 20 Base Power physical Dark-type move that also has 100% accuracy. The more the user’s stats are raised, the more damage it will cause, similar to Stored Power.

Burn Up is a special Fire-type move with 130 Base Power and 100% accuracy. After using this move, the user will lose its Fire typing. Unknown what replaces the Fire typing if the user is only a Fire-type.

Multi-Attack is exclusive to Silvally and its type is dependent on the item Silvally is holding. It has 90 Base Power and 100% accuracy, and it is a physical move.

In addition to these new moves, there are also the previously revealed Instruct, Fleur Cannon, Shell Trap, Sunsteel Strike, Moongeist Beam, Revelation Dance, and Nature’s Madness.

Changes to old moves

Leech Life (now a TM!) has 80 Base Power.

Dark Void has 50% accuracy, and can only be used by Darkrai. Goodbye, Dark Void spamming Smeargle in VGC!

Changes to old movepools

This section does not take new moves into account. Source for this info in addition to the new moveset data dump linked earlier.

Butterfree can learn Air Slash.

Dodrio can learn Jump Kick.

Gyarados and Swellow can learn Hurricane

Furrent can learn Coil.

Noctowl can learn Moonblast.

Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu can learn Electric Terrain.

Bellossom and Wormadam can learn Quiver Dance.

Sudowoodo can learn Head Smash.

Dunsparce can learn Air Slash and Dragon Rush.

Delibird can learn Drill Peck.

Mantine can learn Roost.

Suicune can learn Sheer Cold.

Swellow can learn Hurricane.

Wailord can learn Noble Roar.

Grumpig and Whiscash can learn Belch.

Flygon finally gets Dragon Dance.

Dodrio, Bibarel, and Seviper can learn Swords Dance.

Lunatone and Diancie can learn Power Gem.

Solrock, Litleo, and Pyroar can learn Flare Blitz.

Bibarel can learn Aqua Jet.

Wormadam can learn Bug Buzz.

Ambipom can learn Dual Chop.

Skuntank can lean Sucker Punch.

Froslass can learn Will-O-Wisp.

Watchog can learn Nasty Plot.

Simisage, Simisear, and Simipour learn the three powerful moves usually unique to starters: Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, and Hydro Cannon respectively.

Throh can learn Mat Block.

Basculin can learn Head Smash.

Pangoro can learn Bullet Punch.


Source for the following.

Each Starter gets a Z-Move. Z-Moves also bypass Protect… but deal less damage (roughly 25% of the original). Marshadow, Mew, Pikachu, Snorlax, Alola Raichu, and Eevee also have their own Z-moves. There is also a “Pikashunium Z” in the game, which is used for the Ash-Pikachu (the one with the cap).

Z-Moves benefit non-attacking moves too! Every status move not called Nature Power, Metronome or Assist gain a side-effect when used as a Z-Move. For example, Z-Splash grants +3 Attack, and Z-Destiny Bond redirects all attacks to the user. Z-Celebrate/Happy Hour/Hold Hands/Conversion/Geomancy raise all stats +1 stage, and Z-Nature Power transforms into the respective Z-Move based on terrain (e.g. Energy Ball –> Bloom Doom). Z-Hidden Power always turns into Breakneck Blitz regardless of what type the Hidden power is. Z-Belly Drum restores HP before deducting 50%, allowing it to be used when the user has less than 50% HP. A full list of Status Z-Moves and their bonuses are here (datamined by Kaphonics).

If the Z-move misses, it still counts as being the one Z-move you are allowed to use per battle.

The names for Z-Moves are as follows:

Breakneck Blitz: The Normal-type Z-move.

All-Out Pummeling: This is the Fighting-type Z-move seen in a few trailers.

Supersonic Skystrike: The Flying-type Z-move, but this is unconfirmed.

Acid Downpour: The Poison-type Z-move.

Tectonic Rage: The Ground-type Z-move.

Continental Crush: The Rock-type Z-move.

Savage Spin-Out: The Bug-type Z-move.

Never-Ending Nightmare: This is the Ghost-type Z-move shown in a few trailers.

Corkscrew Crash: The Steel-type Z-move.

Inferno Overdrive: The Fire-type Z-move.

Hydro Vortex: The Water-type Z-move.

Bloom Doom: The Grass-type Z-move.

Gigavolt Havoc: The Electric-type Z-move.

Shattered Psyche: The Psychic-type Z-move.

Subzero Slammer: The Ice-type Z-move.

Devastating Drake: The Dragon-type Z-move.

Black Hole Eclipse: The Dark-type Z-move.

Twinkle Tackle: The Fairy-type Z-move.

Catastropika: Pikachu’s exclusive Z-move. It is a physical Electric-type move with 210 Base Power.

Sinister Arrow Raid: This is Deucideye’s Z-move. It is a physical Ghost-type Z-move with 180 Base Power. This only works with Spirit Shackle.

Malicious Moonsault: This is Incineroar’s Z-move. It is a physical Dark-type Z-move with 180 Base Power. This only works with Darkest Lariat.

Oceanic Operetta: This is Primarina’s Z-move. It is a physical Water-type Z-move with 195 Base Power. This only works with Sparkling Aria.

Guardian of Alola: The exclusive Z-move for the Tapu Island Guardians. It only upgrades the Tapu’s Nature’s Madness attack.

Pulverizing Pancake: Snorlax’s exclusive Z-move. It is a physical Normal-type Z-move with 210 Base Power. It only works with Snorlax’s Giga Impact attack.

Extreme Evoboost: Eevee’s exclusive Z-move. It only upgrades Eevee’s Last Resort attack.

Stoked Sparksurfer: Alola Raichu’s exclusive Z-move. It is a special Electric-type move with 175 Base Power and leaves the target paralyzed after hitting. It only upgrades Alola Raichu’s Thunderbolt.

Genesis Supernova: Mew’s exclusive Z-move. After attacking, it changes the terrain to Psychic Terrain. It is a special Psychic-type move with 185 Base Power. It updates Mew’s Psychic.

Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike: Marshadow’s Z-move that upgrades its exclusive move, Spectral Thief. It is a physical Ghost-type move that punches and kicks the target consecutively. This possibly indicates a multi-hit move, but it is not confirmed.

10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt: This Z-move is exclusive to the Pikachu wearing a cap. It is a special Electric-type Z-move with 195 Base Power. This Z-move only upgrades the special Pikachu’s Thunderbolt. It increases the user’s change of landing a critical hit in a future attack.


New abilities

Previously revealed abilities: Wimp Out, Stamina, Shields Down, Water Compaction, Stakeout, Schooling, Surge Surfer, Battle Bond, Disguise, Corrosion, Comatose, Queenly Majesty, Innards Out, Dancer, Dazzling, Berserk, Soul-Heart, Receiver, Triage, RKS System, Electric Surge, Misty Surge, Psychic Surge, Grassy Surge, Full Metal Body, Power Construct, and Shadow Shield. We already know how the previous abilities work, but the datamine has revealed a few more abilities!

Emergency Exit: The Pokémon switches out when its HP becomes half or less.

Merciless: The user’s attacks become critical hits if they are poisoned.

Water Bubble: Lowers the power of Fire-type moves and prevents the Pokémon with this ability from getting burned.

Steelworker: The power of Steel-type moves are increased.

Slush Rush: The Pokémon’s Speed is increased in a hailstorm.

Long Reach: This allows the user to user physical moves without making contact with the target. This is useful for using physical moves against an opponent that uses Shell Trap, for example, which won’t trigger. This is the Hidden Ability of the Rowlet line.

Liquid Voice: All sound-based moves become Water-type. This is the Hidden Ability of the Popplio line.

Galvanize: Normal-type moves become Electric-type and are slightly boosted.

Battery: Powers up ally Pokémon’s special moves.

Tangling Hair: When opponents make contact with this Pokémon, the attacker’s Speed is lowered.

Power of Alchemy: When an ally is defeated, this Pokémon copies the fainted ally’s ability.

Beast Boost: This is only available to Ultra Beasts.  It raises the UB’s highest stat when it KOes an opponent.

Prism Armor: Reduces the power of attacks that would be super effective.

Changes to old abilities

Gale Wings only works when the user has 100% of its HP.

Unaware only ignores the opponent’s stats when the user is attacking.


Notable new items

Ice Stone is used to evolve certain Pokémon, most likely Alola Vulpix into Alola Ninetales.

Poké Ride Pokémon are summoned via an item called the Ride Pager. Different Pokémon are registered throughout your journey.

The Beast Ball’s item description is “A special Poké Ball designed to catch Ultra Beasts. It has a low success rate for catching others,” meaning that it might be possible to use it to catch non-Ultra Beasts.

Red, Yellow, Pink, and Purple nectar are flower nectar obtained from areas on different islands. They are used to change the form of a certain Pokémon, which is most likely Oricorio.

Terrain Extender is an item that increases the duration of the changed terrain caused by the use of a specific move or by the holder’s ability.


Generation five EXP mechanics confirmed (suspected from early footage at E3). Lower-level Pokémon gain more EXP, and high-level Pokémon gain less.

There is an area to transform collected Zygarde cells and core into the 10%/50% forms.

Kanto Pokémon are referred to as “Kantonian” by locals.

Wild Encounter rates and Trainer battle info has been dumped by SciresM.

Mega Evolutions have their own Pokédex descriptions.

The following regular Trainer Classes are present in the game: Lass, Teacher, Ace Trainer, Black Belt, Punk Guy, Punk Girl, Youth Athlete, Youngster, Preschooler, Backpacker, Pokémon Breeder, Rising Star, Swimmer, Office Worker, Fisherman, Collector, Hiker, Sightseer, Beauty, Scientist, Gentleman, Madame, Worker, Golfer, Police Officer, Cook, Janitor, Dancer, Firefighter, Veteran, and Bellhop. Special Trainer Classes are present in the spoiler section.

The entire music has been uploaded to YouTube if you want to take a listen. Be warned as this link contains potential story spoilers (revealing that certain characters have battle themes) and has location names. Notes based off this playlist: many cities have different Day / Night themes, and that returning trainers from previous games don’t have remixes and instead just have their old themes.

Story-related Spoilers

Colress returns in the game, and he appears earlier than halfway in the game.

Kukui has the third starter that you and Hau do not choose.

Cosmog evolves into Cosmoem at level 36, then into Solgaleo or Lunala, presumably depending on the game played. They are implied to be Ultra Beasts.

Many Captains have team rosters, thus confirming that we are able to battle them at some point.

The order of the Trial Captains goes: Ilima, Lana, Kiawe, Mallow, Sophocles, Acerola (the Ghost-type Captain), and then Mina. We battle Hala after Ilima, and Olivia after Mallow. There is a Dark-type Kahuna named Nanu that is battled after Acerola. The girl with the Musdale from the demo trailer is the final Kahuna named Hapu that is battled after Mina.

After the game is completed, the Alola League is built and the Elite Four are chosen from strong trainers already in the region. The Elite Four are as follows: Hala, Olivia, Acerola (Nanu the Dark-type Kahuna denied the position), and Kahili (A Flying-type specialist who was the former Island Champion). You can battle them in any order, like in Kalos and Unova leagues.

Ilima is a boy!

Aether Foundation has Employees that are able to be battled. Lusamine and Faba also have teams and we will likely battle them at some point.

The text references a “Professor Burnet” as Professor Kukui’s wife. The only Professor Burnet we know is from the Dream Radar app, compatible with B2W2. It is still unconfirmed that they are the same person without images, however.

Lillie and Gladion are Lusamine’s children. It seems as if their father was sucked into the Ultra Beast’s dimension through a wormhole, though it’s a bit unclear.

Gladion’s Trainer class changes from “Team Skull Gladion” to “Pokémon Trainer Gladion.” Does this mean that maybe he defects from Team Skull at some point? Guzma and Plumeria also get this Trainer class.

Guzma specializes in Bug-types.

The man featured in the demo with the Pelipper is not a Flying-type Trial Captain. It appears he is just a deliveryman, and Pelly the Pelipper is his partner.

Anabel from the Hoenn Battle Frontier returns. It seems like she is maybe researching Ultra Beasts and the Ultra Beast’s dimension. She is able to be battled at some point. There is also text that suggests Grimsley appears as a Battle Tree opponent, along with Red, Blue, Wally, Anabel, Cynthia, and Colress.

Looker’s name was also found in the games’ text data, but it’s currently unknown what purpose it serves.

These Trainer Classes are presumably only used by important story characters: Pokémon Trainer, Team Skull Grunt, Team Skull, Team Skull Admin, Team Skull Boss, Island Kahuna, Captain, Trial Guide, Pro Wrestler, Pokémon Professor, Aether President, Aether Branch Chief, Aether Foundation Employee, Elite Four, Vaporeon User, Jolteon User, Flareon User, Glaceon User, Leafeon User, Espeon User, Umbreon User, Sylveon User, Eevee User, Principal, and GAME FREAK.

Written by bobandbill, Christos, Altairis, and Rivvon.