Rocket and Galactic Themes Added to the North American 3DS Theme Shop

Two new sinister themes sneak into the North American 3DS Theme Shop!

Two new themes join the family of Pokémon 3DS themes today on the North American 3DS Theme Shop. These themes have yet to be released in the European 3DS Theme Shop, but they were originally released in the Japanese 3DS Theme Shop only yesterday.


Pokémon: A Sinister Organization—Team Rocket features the classic Team Rocket, including Giovanni, the Admins from HeartGold Version & SoulSilver Version, and the Grunts. Also showcased are Pokémon associated with the nefarious team, such as Giovanni’s own Rhyhorn and Nidoking. The music used in the theme comes from the classic Red Version & Blue Version: the dizzying Rocket Hideout theme.


Pokémon: A Sinister Organization—Team Galactic is also available, just in time for Diamond Version & Pearl Version‘s 10th anniversary. This theme boasts Team Galactic’s imposing leader, Cyrus, and all of his Commanders, including Platinum Version‘s Charon. The army of Grunts and Pokémon used by the significant members of the team stand before a starry background while the Galactic Commander battle theme plays.

The art used in these themes is newly-drawn by Hitoshi Ariga. On the bottom screen, chibi Grunts of the respective teams can be seen walking as the screen scrolls in a simple four-frame animation with their team’s logo in the center.

Are you interested in getting either or both of these themes? Is there a Sinister Organization you’d like to see get a 3DS theme in the future? Let us know in the comments!