Pokémon Centers in Japan get sprite merchandise

The 20th anniversary celebrations keep on coming: merchandise based off the sprite work from Red, Green, Blue and Yellow are being sold in Japan!

To celebrate the twenty years since the original release of Pokémon Red and Green, Pokémon Centers in Japan and the Pokémon Store outlet on are selling merchandise based off the spritework from the games! Sprite merchandise galore!


Giant Pixel Pikachu Cushion Giant Pixel Rhyhorn Cushion Giant Pixel Lapras Cushion

Gigantic Pixel Cushions: Pikachu, Rhydon and Lapras

These gigantic inspirations are selling at ¥2,500. These are huge, by the way, as resident Pokémon fan Shoko Nakagawa would tell you:


Merchandise: Key Chain Collection
Collect all eleven!

The keychains are ¥450 each and packaged so you have no idea what you’re getting until you open it up!

Pencil Cases

Merchandise: Get the one on the left if your name's Pikachu.
Get the one on the left if your name’s Pikachu.

These are priced at ¥800 each.


Merchandise: OUTDOOR-brand Backpack Merchandise: OUTDOOR-brand Rollboston Duffel Bag

These bags are plastered with spritework. Left: backpack, Right: duffel bag.

OUTDOOR-branded, the backpack and the duffel bag will set you back ¥8,200 and ¥6,800 respectively.


Merchandise: NEW ERA 59FIFTY Caps
Some sweet sprited NEW ERA 59FIFTY caps.

Almost true to the 59FIFTY name, these caps by the New Era Cap Company will set you back ¥5,900.


Merchandise: T-Shirts
Collect all 10 shirts!

Like the keychains, these shirts are available at random. Which one do you hope to get? The hunting will set you back ¥1,500 each.

More Sprite-Patterned Works

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As you can see, this stuff’s expensive and probably limited edition. Don’t miss it! There are great services for importing these as well, if you’re finding it hard to get to Japan, that is.

Source: The Pokémon Company