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The Name Rater: Glaceon Nicknames!

The Name Rater considers your submissions for Glaceon nicknames!

Hello, all! I heard some of you had Glaceon nickname suggestions, so I, the Name Rater, will go over them! A fine Ice-type Pokémon deserves a fine name!


That’s okay, but not exactly original – instead of Glace, from Glacier, it’s Frost, and eon tacked on. It’s certainly consistent, just a bit straightforward.


Mm, yes, I am a fan of re-icing, or adding icing again to my cake. I am a fan!

I had a Glaceon named Kagami (mirror) on my Gen. IV mono-Ice team.

I like that! Ice can be reflective, so this is a good take on that.

I also have a Shiny Glaceon that I MM’d in Gen. V named Endymion, a classical Greek “pretty boy.” However, essentially representing Earth, this name would probably better suit Leafeon.

While that may be a fair point, I can certainly see a Glaceon acting like a “pretty boy”. Especially when it wants to get some treats out of you. I like it!

Ever since I played Borderlands TPS I’ve been calling every Glaceon Aurelia.
There was a character in the game that had that name and also had an Ice related Action Skill. I find it a very pretty name that just fits for me.

Aurelia is a lovely name. It comes from “aureus” (meaning “golden”), but the basis of another video game character who uses Ice powers makes it fitting!

I tend to name my Glaceons Frost.

I take it you didn’t want to go with Frosteon?

The few exceptions to this were Krystal, Glacia, Aurora, and one other who’s name I’m blanking on right now.

Glacia is a neat slight variation on Glaceon’s base name there. Aurora meanwhile are quite pretty and also associated with more wintery places! Krystal… I am not so partial to the ‘kool’ nicknames, but some like it.

Diamond. Features several diamond patterns on its body. Creates diamond dust (a cloud of ice crystal) according to the Pokedex.

I like Diamonds. Great gem. Worth a lot- I mean, I like it as a nickname here, too! Nice reference to its dex entry.

Mise. Thinks of the term “Mise en place” (everything in its place) with Glaceon sometimes, for whatever reason. Substitutes a ‘G’ for the ‘P’ for “Mise en glace”. Means something along the lines of putting ice on something.

What are you putting Glaceon on, though? A battlefield? Sure. Your dinner table? Maybe less so. But if the table is an Avalugg…

A little harder to follow than some other suggestions, perhaps.

Lago. Shortened “Vulpes Lagopus”, the scientific name for arctic foxes. Apparently means “lake” in Latin, but oh well. Could be a frozen lake.

Also well researched! I quite like this one, very fitting for Glaceon.

The only one I’ve owned is named Glacia after the Hoenn E4 member, without whom I would have probably played through Emerald without noticing the Ice type even existed haha (fun trivia: in Japanese games the species name is the same as Glacia’s!)

After looking up that bit of trivia I’ve decided Glacia is the only acceptable nickname for Glaceon as you’re basically correcting a translation 😛

Ah yes, naming after famous Trainers is not a bad way to go sometimes. But who named the Trainer? Did she change it after discovering prowess in battling with Ice types? Or was it bestowed on her? Now this makes me worry about allowing some suggestions I’ve heard over the years go by without alerting the authorities…

If it fits in the character limit you could call it Eyjafjallajökull as that was briefly the most famous glacier in the world (the volcano and the glacier share the name)

The limit is still 12 characters, so as fitting as this name may be, this nickname is illegal.

Vulptex would be one I might use – although perhaps more appropriate for Alolan Ninetales – as its the name of the ice foxes in Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

Vulptex does make me think of the Alolan Vulpix line, to be honest. But it’s still a valid choice here.

Oh, since I’m bad at naming pokemons, I tend to name my Glaceon traditionally.
Hyoga or Kamus for males and Elsa or Despina for females.
I name my pokemons either after characters or mythology, or with shorter versions of their names, that’s the rule for me.

Names after fitting characters in other media or mythology are good choices. I heard of Elsa thanks to that annoying kid across the road when Frozen came out… But I confess, I am not familiar with this Hyoga character. Let me look him up…

Oh my…

I have a tendency to name my Eevees after foods for whatever reason, so…Sorbet? Froyo? Frozen Pizza?

Food can be a delicious way to go too! Sorbet is a cute one in particular, I feel, although one may argue it is better suited for the Vanillite line. I’ll add I much prefer my pizza not-frozen, and I don’t know how much a Glaceon would like to be called pizza, especially with the possibility of meat-based toppings… Also, don’t go with Frogurt, that name is cursed.

I think that’s all we were offered. Apologies for the delay – hopefully I’ll be quicker next time with my name rating services!

Thanks to Fact Checking Gardevoir, Corveone, icycatelf, ReKoil, Alex_Among_Foxes, Devalue, Amore, MorgSummers, and Gruffin for the nicknames!